Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Proposal: Seal the windows, burn the corpses. The Plague is here.

Veto of a Self-Kill -Darth

Adminned at 25 Aug 2009 21:12:14 UTC

Create a new rule called, “The Plague”:

There is a type of Proposal known as “Infectious Proposal”. An Infected Survivor may create an Infectious Proposal by adding the text “[Infectious]” to the beginning of a Proposal they create. Living Survivors may not vote on Infectious Proposals unless they spend 1 Stamina each time they vote, and may not vote DEFERENTIAL. On their vote to an Infectious Proposal, the voter must include the name of a Survivor. If they don’t, their vote is not valid (it shall not be counted for the purposes of enacting or failing that proposal).

Whenever an Infectious Proposal is failed without being vetoed, all Living Survivors who Voted on it are said to have “Held their Ground”. Each Survivor whose name appears in the fewest (but at least once) EVCs for that Proposal suffers damage (the Admin failing the Proposal applies the damage, but is not considered its source; the source of damage is the Proposal itself).

Whenever an Infectious Proposal is enacted, all Living Survivors who Voted on it are said to have “Run for their Lives”. The Food and Water is decreased by XDICE5, where X is the number of Infected Survivors that voted on the Proposal. The author of the enacted Infectious Proposal may not create another Infectious Proposal within the next 48 hours.


Explanation: Infectious Proposals are challenges. Infectious Survivors will try to lure the uninfected with a Proposal loaded with benefits, but it will cost you. However, voting it down also has its negative side, because if you don’t coordinate your votes, you could end up in bad shape. Of course, the Leader can intervene and VETO it and nothing happens (to discourage lots of cheap Infectious Proposals). Finally, it also encourages intelligent proposals by itself.



08-26-2009 03:32:23 UTC

against The 2 of us already make plenty of Proposals, and this is unnecessarily complicated.


08-26-2009 03:40:09 UTC

Not so much. Furthermore I tried to go for a Proposal based combat system here, gimme some credit.


08-26-2009 03:47:29 UTC

I appreciate you attempting to do something.

1. Any system that discourages Survivors from voting on Proposals is probably bad. Much more likely to get rules that, say, disallow boring actions that way.

2. This system is set up so that Survivors will be at an advantage if they choose to pick on a single Survivor at a time. Do you remember the last time we had a system like that? Do you remember what happened in ais’s Dynasty?


08-26-2009 03:49:20 UTC



08-26-2009 04:03:36 UTC

against  I’m tempted to veto this, this is so bad.


08-26-2009 04:09:55 UTC

against Okay, nevermind. S/K


08-26-2009 04:11:47 UTC

veto  You didn’t need to self-kill it.