Friday, November 08, 2019

Proposal: Sins, like a boss

Vetoed, failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 09 Nov 2019 08:06:02 UTC

Add to “Monstrosities”:

A Monstrosity is Locked or Unlocked, and by default, Unlocked. A Monster cannot have a Locked Monstrosity. An Adventurer can Unlock a Monstrosity if its Unlock Requirement (listed between “[]” brackets on it) has been fulfilled (They can edit the word “Locked” to “Unlocked” on that Monstrosity’s listing on the Ruleset) .

Add to the list of Monstrosities:

- Envy Incarnate: [An Adventurer has 2000 or more Merit than another Adventurer] This Monstrosity is Locked. This Monstrosity is Hidden. New Action: Call of Envy: Choose an Adventurer with more Merit than you. That Adventurer loses 30% of their current HP, and you gain HP equal to the amount lost this way.
- Pride Incarnate: [An Adventurer has 4000 or more Merit] This Monstrosity is Locked. New Action: Call of Pride: The Adventurer with the most Merit has their HP set to 10.


The Duke of Waltham: he/him

08-11-2019 11:15:02 UTC

It would make more sense if it said “and by default, Locked”.

Kevan: he/him

08-11-2019 12:50:17 UTC

It would.

Also, aren’t the later Monsters already in a stronger position? The Adventurer Boons will be largely locked down by that point, allowing them to pick the best Monstrosities to counter them.



08-11-2019 19:44:37 UTC

I think he meant to make sure that old Monstrosities aren’t Locked at the time of enacting this.

As far as catchup mechanics go, you want the winning player to look like they’re winning. Earlier Monsters might be ahead in merit, but not in potential merit. (Or early humans, if they’re winning.) against

The Duke of Waltham: he/him

08-11-2019 19:58:28 UTC

The old Monstrosities have no Unlock requirements; I’m not sure one could argue they are locked based on this proposal. Still…  against


08-11-2019 20:23:01 UTC

veto Self killing, but with style