Thursday, October 15, 2020

Call for Judgment: Race Conditioning down the Scree Slopes

Failed 3-1. Josh

Adminned at 17 Oct 2020 21:24:11 UTC

If Bais votes against this CfJ, it does nothing.

Replace the Mud Vent Monument on Bais’s Island with a Scree Slope

Bais and I took our turns at the same time. This resulted in a weird game state where it wasn’t exactly clear when monuments became available or not. We both would’ve taken the Scree Slope if we could. So it seems only fair to just let Bais have one as well if they want.



10-16-2020 00:02:58 UTC

against Thanks for the thought but, given that I conceded that my turn came second, I think it’s only fair that I keep what I got;  also, I should go ahead and decrease my Mana by one.


10-16-2020 00:15:25 UTC

I don’t actually think your mana count should decrease. Your turn actually didn’t go second. Parts of it happened at the same time. And I think when we each performed the “Vitalise” step, there were six Islands with turn tracker of “X”


10-16-2020 01:26:56 UTC

I don’t really buy the “both acted at the same turn” argument, because an action takes place at a singular moment in time, not as a range of time;  we don’t necessarily know when we both took that action, but the likelihood that it was actually at the same instant in time is infinitesimal.  I’m happy to take a step back on this one, although I’m also interested in brainstorming ideas to avoid future instances of race conditions such as this one.


10-16-2020 01:27:11 UTC

*“both acted at the same time”

Raven1207: HE/HIM

10-16-2020 18:06:24 UTC



10-16-2020 19:44:23 UTC