Monday, September 17, 2012

Proposal: Slots

Passes 4-2. — Quirck

Adminned at 19 Sep 2012 10:49:02 UTC

Add a new subrule to the rule in the Appendix entitled Gamestate Tracking, called Random Generators:

The GNDT can be used to generate random results.

* The DICE: command can be used to generate a random number.
* The FRUIT: command will return a random result from the following options: Lemon, Orange, Kiwi, Grape, Cherry, Tangelo.
* The COLOUR: (or COLOR:) command will return a random result from the following: White, Red, Green, Silver, Yellow, Turquoise, Magenta, Orange, Purple, Black.
* The VEGGIE: command will return a random result from the following: Potato, Carrot, Triffid, Pumpkin.

Any changes to the potential outcomes of the GNDT’s random result commands must be made by proposal; and any proposal that seeks to nominate a change to this rule must first identify an active Student with server-level access to the BlogNomic site who is able to perform the changes, and must also update this rule to reflect the new potential outcomes.

There’s no ability to log changes made to GNDT commands, nor is it possible to democratise the process further, so we’re going to have to trust the honour of the nominated few with server access on this one. Having said that, if Kevan or 75th Trombone want to use server access to cheat then they have much better ways of doing so than mere GNDT command manipulation.



09-17-2012 17:57:53 UTC

I personally think the fruit/color/veggie dice are just silly and its better to use lookup tables. There is no good way to change what the dice do without Kevan or 75th Trombone, but this sets the precedent of adding more.

That being said, the trust placed the honor of the server access people from this is the same as it ever was. Kevan could also have changed DICE10 to always give him a 1, but that *would* violate the fair play rules whereas I argue that without any rules dictating what the COLOR dice can spew out, he suddenly could have changed it without violating fair play.

for though because if the other proposal passes, this needs to be there too.


09-17-2012 18:13:55 UTC

against The FRUIT dice have always seemed like one of BlogNomic’s better in-jokes, but now that it’s written down, I think we’re possibly dissecting the frog by explaining it at length and suggesting methods of amendment and the potential for more never-actually-used dice like VEGGIE.

[Clucky] The ruleset doesn’t quite say that DICE10 rolls have to be fair; it doesn’t tie the defined word “random” to the GNDT dice. Maybe we need a single catch-all line saying that the behaviour of the GNDT dice may not be changed, or maybe that’s sufficiently covered by “unexpected behaviours in the software running the game”.


09-17-2012 18:50:09 UTC

I guess we shouldn’t put colons.

Dreaming of dices programmable like dropdowns…


09-17-2012 18:52:33 UTC

CoV against

Kevan would have to implement this change. If he doesn’t want to do it, I don’t want to make him.


09-17-2012 19:49:50 UTC

There isn’t a change, the current rule describes the status quo.


09-17-2012 19:50:53 UTC



09-17-2012 19:53:42 UTC

wait does Veggie actually exist? I thought that was new


09-17-2012 22:23:47 UTC

Angry Grasshopper implemented it six years ago. As far as I can tell it was put forward for use in a proposal immediately afterwards, which failed, and it was never seen again.


09-17-2012 22:25:31 UTC

for .  At the very least, the possible values should be documented somewhere so that we don’t have to roll a bunch next time we want to propose COLOUR-related mechanics.


09-17-2012 23:05:46 UTC