Monday, July 26, 2021

So, it turns out that most of our Glyphs don’t exist

“If a room contains a Sigil from a Vampire Lord then no Glyph may be created for that Vampire Lord, and vice-versa.”

This seems pretty clear to me: if you have a Sigil, you can’t have a Glyph. Nothing about this rule says it has to be the same room.

As such, I’ve recalculated the Zahndorf Crypt page to show what everyone’s statistics should be, allowing for the fact that the glyphs (apart from Bucky’s, who wasn’t a Vampire Lord and anyway didn’t have a Sigil) were never legally created. Note that as far as I can tell, the Puissance spent on Glyphs is still spent, because you choose the list of features for a room separately from actually adding them (they just fail to be created). Only one action failed because of this: Chiiika’s most recent Distil. (Unlike what I said earlier, Brendan’s Distil+Shatter worked: he had enough influence for them because he gained it from the Stair Muncher, which is a Denizen not a Glyph.)

At 16 Jul 2021 10:56:49 UTC, we upheld all Influence gains from Glyphs via CFJ. Therefore, I haven’t reverted Influence gains from before that time, even if they would have been illegal, due to the CFJ producing the influence even if the Glyphs themselves didn’t exist.


Lulu: she/her

26-07-2021 13:22:36 UTC

Does lemon get her favours back


26-07-2021 13:29:32 UTC

For “incur” transactions, yes.

For “spend” transactions, it’s less clear. I assume also yes, but it isn’t 100% obvious that you can’t spend a Favour to do an impossible transfer.

I’ll update the Favours page assuming that all the Favour transactions failed, as that seems fairest on the people involved.