Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Proposal: Some fixes

Self Killed by CP.  Failed by Excalabur.

Adminned at 02 Nov 2005 19:53:30 UTC

Add to the Powers rule:

No Power may be created or modified that would result in a Deity having 2 Powers with exactly the same components. No Power may be created or modified that would result in 2 Powers, held by any Deities, having exactly the same components if one of them is the Universal component.

Rewrite the Hinder component to:

* Hinder - You can {Make a Post} naming any Deity. That Deity becomes hindered. All Powers in that Deity’s list at the moment this power is used gains a “Hindered” component. (+50 Global Might)

Add 2 components:

* Hindered - You are hindered and must expend 1 Quintessence to activate this Power (+0 Global Might)
* Erasure - You may modify one of your powers by adding or removing a component from it. (+9 Global Might)

If any Power currently listed in the Deity Wiki has 2 instances of the “Sign” Component, change one of them to “Hindered”



02-11-2005 15:12:44 UTC

for  for


02-11-2005 15:13:33 UTC

um, wait… we should make sure that Erasure can result in legal powers


02-11-2005 22:44:39 UTC

Hm.  Smith has a point w/ the latter.  In fact, that’s serious loophole territory.  against


03-11-2005 00:03:53 UTC



03-11-2005 00:29:47 UTC

against Self-Kill