Saturday, July 31, 2021

Story Post: Sunrise

Now knowing that Dracula is alive, Richardo, Koda and Drol join forces and invade the Crypt as a trio. The battle is long and bloody; recognising that their power rests in unity, the Vampire Lords all materialise to combat the invaders, but are driven back one by one. Chiiika is dusted by Koda’s magic; lemonfanta is destroyed by Richardo’s holy whip; Kevan, Clucky, and Brendan are caught in a collapsing Sepulchre. Finally, the trio face off against Dracula himself, but are unable to overcome his might. But when all hope appears to be lost, the ceiling above gives way - the Cathedral has crumbled, bringing down the Crypt ceiling with it, flooding the unsanctified chamber with fresh sunlight. Caught beneath the full glare of the day, Dracula is paralysed, giving Richardo the opportunity to gather the last of his strength and plunge a silver-tipped stake into the heart of the demon, dusting him and ridding Zahndorf or his presence… for good.

The Crypt settles.

As the years go by, Zahndorf returns to normal, but there are always rumours of a Vampire Lord who escaped the carnage with his power intact. Perhaps one day he will rise, and seek to claim the mantle of Dracula. But for now, he is only known by one name, whispered to children to get them to behave: the Vampire Lord Jumble.

As per the rule Sunrise, Jumble has achieved victory. Congrats!


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