Monday, January 22, 2018

Supply Crate #2

A squeal of brakes, a blast of megaphone instructions, and the building’s lobby doors are pulled open just long enough to drag a new crate through:-

Hard-Hat • Energy Drink • Energy Drink • Water • Energy Drink • Water • Water

Axemabaro, card and Cuddlebeam are first on the scene.



01-22-2018 15:45:43 UTC

Anyone want to show me some love so I can get something useful ?

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. I’m responsible for this mess, since I was the Director and all, but they fired me ! I’m one of you now.
A low class citizen…



01-22-2018 17:38:47 UTC

I can be your chivalrous knight in shining armor in exchange for something, what do you offer?


01-22-2018 17:40:19 UTC

I take the Energy Drink

because caffeine goes great with even more caffeine

Kevan: HE/HIM

01-22-2018 18:15:09 UTC

Note that the current rule for grabbing drinks is that “When an item listed as Consumable would be put into a hand slot, it is instead not put into that slot, and the Resident whose slot it is may apply its effect at that time (with themselves as its User).”


01-22-2018 18:19:04 UTC

Woops, fixed


01-22-2018 18:58:12 UTC

I only want to be ahead of most other Residents; grabbing an energy drink is fine and all, but missing out on useful items in favor of essentially drawing before everyone else leaves you poorly statted. I’m taking the Hard-Hat.


01-22-2018 19:26:32 UTC

I take another energy drink, because I need it, IRL


01-22-2018 20:36:29 UTC

I take the third and last energy drink after the faster ones get there.


01-22-2018 21:43:22 UTC

Alas ! Nothing but water again !
I refuse to take it… for now.

(@Cuddlebeam: chivalrous knights need no rewards !)


01-22-2018 22:47:12 UTC

@Diabecko: I see you have seen through my clever knight disguise.


01-23-2018 01:23:36 UTC

Water, Water or Water, make your strategic choices now.


01-23-2018 16:21:45 UTC

I take the water.


01-23-2018 16:22:05 UTC

(but I spit in the other two)

Kevan: HE/HIM

01-23-2018 16:32:35 UTC

Note that items can no longer be taken from this crate until Fair Play Fix enacts, as the atomic crate action requires a Craction to be taken - and nobody can take one right now.

(I was going to wait for the fix to reach quorum before enacting the proposal that introduced Cractions, so that the fix could be implemented immediately afterwards, but I misread the four comments on it as being four votes - one wasn’t.)


01-23-2018 17:07:29 UTC

ok, so the water stays.

Kevan: HE/HIM

01-23-2018 17:15:04 UTC

No, you’re good, I didn’t enact the Craction proposal until after you’d taken the water there.


01-23-2018 22:32:08 UTC

I might be missing something but currently more crates can only mean speeding up rich-get-richer gameplay, so I’m intentionally going to push as close to the sleeping limit to give myself (or someone else) time to propose something.


01-23-2018 23:11:42 UTC

Yeah but we’ll be more on the lower side of the wealth gap so we’ll have bigger voting power :)


01-23-2018 23:26:56 UTC

@Pokes: It doesn’t matter, I am the living example as to why:

I had a massive International Esteem advantage during your dynasty, but it mattered for nothing at the time (we just proposal-won). Same with the previous dynasty, where all of my Abilities collected mattered for nothing (due to how the game was proposed to become later on). I had infinite Water during my first dynasty, and it mattered for nothing (because there was no proposal to make that matter).

Lategame proposals are all that truly matter.

Right now all we have are silly frills.


01-23-2018 23:27:56 UTC

(Frills for Bampam leverage)


01-23-2018 23:42:44 UTC

Cuddlebeam, you couldn’t have had infinite water buckets since “Invalid values for game variables can never be used” and infinity isn’t a number.


01-23-2018 23:43:57 UTC

Well, near-infinite. I actually legitimately had 200 or so. You get the idea lol.


01-24-2018 02:08:52 UTC

I take a water.

Kevan: HE/HIM

01-24-2018 08:59:40 UTC

Note that Derrick can now be set to Asleep, as we’ve had three Residents at 1 (or 1.08) Priority since the last Energy Drink went at 01-22-2018 20:36:29. Derrick could have taken one of the Waters at any time in the past 36 hours, but didn’t. (I can’t set their Alertness to zero myself, as the Government is not a Resident.)

Samzeman is also eligible to take the final Water, at this point.


01-24-2018 13:02:04 UTC

Watch me swooce right in! I take the water.