Monday, January 06, 2014

Proposal: Supply Route

Times out and passes 2-1-4. -RaichuKFM

Adminned at 09 Jan 2014 05:20:01 UTC

Add a new dynastic rule called “Supplies” and give it the following text

There is a communal quantity of Supplies tracked in the Captain’s row of the GNDT in a column called Supplies, defaulting to 0.

As a weekly action, a Survivor may Gather Supplies. When a Survivor Gathers Supplies, they roll a 3DICE3 and add the resulting total the the communal Supplies total.

To the list of Specializations in the rule “Specialists”, add

Scavenger: When a Survivor with Specialization of Scavenger Gathers Supplies, they roll a 4DICE3 instead of 3DICE3.

If the proposal “Doctor Spartacus” passes then

a) replace

“may instead set their Specialization to Hunter, Doctor or Technician”.


“may instead set their Specialization to any Legal Specialization which is not on the Crew Manifest”

b) Add “Lt. Casey” to the list of names in the Crew Manifest


c) To the list of Specializations in the rule “Specialists”, add

Lt. Casey: When Lt. Casey Gathers Supplies, they roll 4DICE4 instead of 3DICE3

I think this will probably get us enough variables for now, but I think it would be helpful to have a communal value that’s more like a currency (power is something we build up over time, food is something we try to get just enough to survive. Supplies would be used for building things that make our lives easier.


RaichuKFM: she/her

06-01-2014 23:26:09 UTC

Feels a bit off-theme… what can we find in the wilds that is better than salvage from the wreck? I need to finish the Proposal I’m currently working on, already…

Clucky: he/him

07-01-2014 00:53:05 UTC

If you have something that is a little more thematic, sure. I was just looking for a simple way to start collecting resources so we can later go about building stuff.

RaichuKFM: she/her

07-01-2014 03:01:06 UTC

Thinking about it, flavorwise this could just be repurposing, salvaging and scrapping wreckage, so my objection is moot.

Kevan: he/him

07-01-2014 09:28:49 UTC

against “may instead set their Specialization to any Legal Specialization which is not on the Crew Manifest” would allow players to become Captain Raichu.


07-01-2014 15:22:32 UTC

for but that does nothing and is harmless. It is just a flavor thing unless I misunderstood something.


07-01-2014 15:41:09 UTC


The Cube:

07-01-2014 16:37:57 UTC


Kevan: he/him

07-01-2014 16:52:24 UTC

[Larry] It would arguably allow the player to use the Captain’s veto.

RaichuKFM: she/her

07-01-2014 18:36:47 UTC

I don’t think it’d let them have my veto. Captain Raichu is distinct from Captain, and its just a Specialization value they have anyway. Probably should fix it, though.


07-01-2014 18:49:32 UTC


Clucky: he/him

07-01-2014 19:20:01 UTC

sure, should fix that. But as we learned last dynasty, Raichu is difference from RaichuKFM so I don’t get how having the Specialization of Captain Raichu lets you use the veto.


08-01-2014 01:14:34 UTC


Kevan: he/him

08-01-2014 12:11:14 UTC

If I adopt the “Captain Raichu” Specialization, then either (a) I am “the Captain” along with RaichuKFM and I can veto proposals, or (b) I am not “the Captain” because there are two of us, in which case RaichuKFM is no longer “the Captain” either. Neither of these sounds great.

Clucky: he/him

08-01-2014 18:59:12 UTC

How are you “the Captain” just because your Specialization is “Captain Raichu”. Even if your Specialization is “The Captain” wouldn’t mean that you are “The Captain” for purposes of being able to veto any more than you are “30”.

Its a bug, yes, but a bug that can be patched.