Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ternary and beyond

I see someone’s tried to take a step into ternary logic. Besides “yes” and “no”, an obvious addition is “maybe”. That’s a start.

Just don’t forget “heck yeah”, “heck no”, and “who wants to know”. These are like the previous three, only louder.

Also “welll”, because it’s just not that simple sometimes. And “meh”, for when nobody cares.

“CLASSIFIED” is a necessity. Big Brother is watching.



06-19-2013 12:29:28 UTC

I think the best (or perhaps only) way to do this would be to change the part of the rule “Formulae” that defines 0 and 1, or True and False…


06-21-2013 17:02:40 UTC

I would not support this - I’m really not interested in getting into Ternary logic.