Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The admining of the silver (beige) screen

I sent excalibur the updated star for the top, and e would know very well how to enact the changes. You could just wait for em.



02-07-2007 03:01:41 UTC

The background on the IRC applet also needs to be changed.


02-07-2007 03:47:41 UTC

It was white when we had a dark background..


02-07-2007 03:48:26 UTC

Also, ‘Excalabur’.
also, Doremi, why not just make the background transparent? (/me doesn’t have the fancy toys necessary to do this)


02-07-2007 04:33:16 UTC

Yeah, It’s white now, but I just sent you a new one. And, because I am shortsided and selectively stupid, I didn’t save it in the original format, so all I had was the jpeg, and also the shadow around the star would look stupid without changing its color.


02-07-2007 05:36:56 UTC

It does look weird now.


02-07-2007 06:33:44 UTC

you fail hitting ‘refresh’, Doremi.

Something odd happened to the image at some point.  I’ll put a new copy on the server.


02-07-2007 06:40:44 UTC

hm.  no good. 

my graphics-foo is minimal, so someone else gets to fix it.