Monday, January 04, 2010

Proposal: The Da Genie Code

Passed, 13-1. Josh

Adminned at 05 Jan 2010 13:08:26 UTC

If the Proposal titled “Getting Warmer” failed, this Proposal does nothing.

Add a new rule, entitled “Relics”:

Certain relics exist which may augment an Adventurer’s capabilities. As a weekly action, the Djinn may announce the creation of a new relic, specifying its name and properties, in a blog post. All relics must be in an undisclosed hiding place, which must be a valid Location in the Universe, and must be set by the Djinn prior to any hints being given about that relic’s location. Relics are awarded, by the Djinn, to any Adventurer whose location is the same as the hiding place (the Djinn’s decision on whether or not this has taken place is final) for more than 24 continuous hours.

Wishes may be used to create new relics but may not be used to transfer ownership of a relic, either from one hiding place to another, from a hiding place to an Adevnturer, or from one Adventurer to another. Relics owned by an Adventurer are tracked in the GNDT; new Adventurers start with no relics.

Add a sub-rule to this rule, entitled “Directory of Relics”:

This sub-rule contains a complete list of all relics. Any relic not listed in this rule is not valid and may have no effect. The Djinn is responsible for updating this list to ensure its accuracy.

The Lamp:
The Adventurer who finds the Lamp may release the Djinn, as per rule 2.4 - Djinni in a lamp, baby. The Lamp may not be kept by an Adventurer - if the Adventurer elects not to release the Djinn then the Lamp remains in its current location.
Current status: unfound.

Amend the rule entitled “Riddles” as follows:

Certain Locations contain Oracles. These Locations are identified on the Universe page.  If an Adventurer’s Location contains an Oracle then that Adventurer may post a blog post stating that the Adventurer is consulting the Oracle to determine a relic’s Location, whereupon, within 72 hours, the Djinni shall privately communicate to that Adventurer and to the Grand Vizier (and, if that Adventurer is the Grand Vizier, to the Sultan) a hint as to that relic’s Location (and if the Djinni does not do so, then the relic’s Location shall be moved to that Adventurer’s location).  Upon consulting the Oracle, that Adventurer’s Location shall be changed to Baghdad, Iraq in honor of “Arabian Nights”.  If the relic in question is still hidden 24 hours after having provided the hint as aforesaid, then the Djinni may, but is not required to, post the hint in a blog post.

Add a column to the GNDT, entitled “Relics”, leaving it blank for all players.



01-04-2010 12:38:57 UTC

for I love collecting relics! I sure hope that there will be a system where whoever collects all the relics wins! There is no possible way that could go wrong!


01-04-2010 13:07:50 UTC


Eh, I like the hide-and-seek mechanic. I think it’s fun.


01-04-2010 13:08:29 UTC

Ah, crap, I should have made this a global hide-and-seek proposal instead.


01-04-2010 13:53:12 UTC

imperial Nice expansion of the existing mechanic. Imperial vote depending on whether the Djinni wants the workload, though.


01-04-2010 14:15:50 UTC



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01-04-2010 15:21:26 UTC

against  Relics ended horribly in the Fourth Metadynasty.


01-04-2010 15:24:35 UTC

CoV for  after reading it.


01-04-2010 16:39:38 UTC

It looks like wrapping your entire proposal text in EVC-conditionals is going to backfire here, Josh.


01-04-2010 16:40:11 UTC

Um, ignore that, I was reading the wrong window.


01-04-2010 17:11:10 UTC



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01-04-2010 21:26:04 UTC


Aquafraternally Yours:

01-04-2010 22:40:17 UTC

imperial  As per Kevan.  I’ve already complicated things with the Pangea bit, so I don’t want to cause too much work for the Djinn


01-05-2010 06:12:07 UTC