Friday, December 07, 2007

Proposal: The Gods’ Minions (Revised)

Timed out and Failed 0-1-5. The gods continue to play nice. Failed by Chivalrybean.

Adminned at 10 Dec 2007 07:16:20 UTC

Add a subrule to “The Aesir” called “God Wars” with the following text:

If the Allfather has not done so in the past 7 days, the Allfather may roll two DICEX, where X is the number of gods listed in the rule “List of Gods”.  If both dice come up the same number, the Allfather will keep rolling two DICEX until they come up different numbers.  The Allfather then makes a story post announcing that the corresponding gods, found by counting down from the top of the list in the “List of Gods” rule, are about to enter combat and that each side must prepare for battle.  This is called a Declaration of War.

During this period, no changes may be made to the “Supported God” field of any Valkyrie in the GNDT and no training skirmishes may take place.

After at least 36 but no more than 72 hours, the Allfather shall roll DICEY, where Y is the number of numerical Einherjar statistics, with a comment of “God War check”.  The corresponding statistic, found by counting down from the top of the list in the “Statistics” rule, is the “Challenged” statistic.  Each god shall then have their Skirmish Rating calculated.  This is the total of the Challenged Statistics for each of the Valkyrie’s Einherjar who support that god.  The statistical benefits and hindrances that each god brings still apply to each Einherjar.  If one or both of the gods engaged in combat does not have any Valkyries supporting them, their Skirmish Rating shall be the statistical benefit or hindrance that god would bring to a single Einherjar’s Challenged Statistic.

The god with the lower Skirmish Rating is said to have lost the war and the god with the higher Skirmish Rating is said to have won the war.

Each Valkyrie who supports the god who lost the war shall have one of her Einherjar, picked at random, moved to the “Digraced Einherjar” list.

Each Valkyrie who supports the god who won the war shall receive 25 Acorns and Z experience, where Z is the number of Einherjar owned by that Valkyrie times 5.

After having calculated these results and made the changes required, the Allfather should make a story post summarising them and describing the details of the war.

The statistic “Tinkering” is ignored for purposes of God Wars.

If it has been at least 72 hours since the Declaration of War and the war has not taken place, the gods are said to have settled peacefully and no war will take place.



12-07-2007 21:51:43 UTC

against I still don’t like the concept of gods fighting with the other gods. Training def fits the norse mythology concept… fighting between gods doesn’t.


12-07-2007 22:25:46 UTC



12-07-2007 22:42:21 UTC

Why would the good guys be fighting each other?

This just seems like a new kind of skirmish… I bet it would be easier on everyone if there was only one kind to worry about.


12-07-2007 22:44:57 UTC

The gods are highly unpredictable.


12-08-2007 07:28:04 UTC



12-08-2007 16:54:46 UTC

I want something that I can -do-, not more randomness.  against


12-09-2007 13:25:33 UTC

against Still too drastic.


12-09-2007 21:27:33 UTC