Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Proposal: The Golden Mule of Perfection

Passes 7-0, reached quorum. Enacted by smith.

Adminned at 03 Nov 2005 12:52:57 UTC

It is bothering me that we have Deity/Incarnation confusion in the Powers rule (and perhaps elsewhere).

Rewrite the Powers rule to:-

Each Incarnation may have any number of Powers, each Power being a combination of a number of power-drawing Worship components and universe-changing Might components. (Worship and Might are divided into two types, reflecting their scope - “Global” and “City”.)

An Incarnation’s Powers should be listed in the Deity Wiki, and should list the components they were made from.

Incarnations start with no Powers, but a Deity may create a new Power for eir current Incarnation by spending 1 Quintessence and constructing a new Power from a combination of the components listed below, and giving it a name of eir choice.

Each component has a Worship or a Might cost - a Power being constructed or modified must have at least as much Worship as Might. If a Power uses any Global Might, it must also have at least as much Global Worship.

If a Power has a Component which gives a variable amount of Worship or Might, the balance condition between those amounts (Worship >= Might and Global Worship >= Global Might) must be true when the power is being used, instead of when it is being constructed.

A Power may only contain one instance of each component.

Deities may use the Powers of eir Incarnation at any time - however, a single Power may never be used to affect a particular City, Incarnation or Deity more than often. Where a Power says that it can only be used in a specific type of City, it means that its target or targets must be in that city.

Replace the word “Deity” with “Incarnation” in the following Components: Leader, Flood, Hinder, Inspire, Convert, Lightning, Volcano

If Proposal: some fixes has passed, then also append the paragraph it added to Powers, changing instances of “Deity”(s) to “Incarnation”(s).

Another change: I’ve removed the line allowing 1 quint to add a component to a power - I think the proposed Erasure component is a better way to do that.



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03-11-2005 00:33:53 UTC

for Though I’ve self-killed Some Fixes


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03-11-2005 15:31:52 UTC

chronos - I liked Erasure… with a minor adjustment someone could repropose it.

Kevan: City he/him

03-11-2005 15:54:05 UTC

for Good call. Although is it intentional that changing your incarnation will leave your powers lying around? (Is this what Eclipse was for?)


03-11-2005 16:23:37 UTC

The wording of Eclipse may seem ambiguous if you think that you can destroy any power of any of your incarnations.  But really, if you change incarnations, your former incarnation is not yours anymore, so eclipse cannot be abused in this way.

Angry Grasshopper:

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03-11-2005 18:06:55 UTC

It was my understanding the powers were associated with the incarnation from the way we built the wiki. You can only own one Incarnation at a time. Eclipse could be used to strip an owned Incarnation of Powers before re-releasing it into the wild, I suppose.