Saturday, November 04, 2006

Proposal: The Man in the Yellow Hat

6-0. Timed-Out.—Chronos

Adminned at 06 Nov 2006 06:19:13 UTC

If Proposal: Tomes did not pass, this proposal does nothing.

Add to the subrule “Tomes”:

The King in Yellow
*Reading the play
**Circumstances: This spell may occasionally be cast when moon is in a water or cardinal sign and cast often when the moon is dignified.
**Consequences: The Student casting this spell loses 11 sanity, and is immune to changes in sanity except those caused by casting spells from this tome for the remainder of the current day and, if less than six hours remain in the current day, the following day.
*Quoting the play aloud
**Circumstances: A Student may cast this spell three times during a day in which e has already cast “reading the play”.
**Consequences: The Student casting this spell loses 1 sanity.  E then chooses another Student, and that Student loses 1 sanity to a minimum of -1.

Reformat other entries in the “tomes” sub-rule, including examples, to match the formatting used in this proposal.



04-11-2006 22:48:15 UTC

Huh.  Apparently these things post to the time you started writing them, not the time you actually press the submit button.


04-11-2006 23:49:08 UTC

for You can change that by editing the adequate fields.


05-11-2006 00:06:37 UTC

for Oh, I get it.  The moon is dignified in Cancer, the Cardinal Water sign.  I was worried about the weird juxtaposition of “often” and “occasionally” for a while there.


05-11-2006 00:06:52 UTC



05-11-2006 01:38:09 UTC



05-11-2006 18:56:31 UTC