Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The One Who Kills’s actions today!!!

Create Power: Lemon Zinger (Exertion-Radiate)  -1 Quint
Use Power: Rocket Ship of Doom, sacrificing Smash! to move my Avatar to Uruk and give it 100 Life Points.  It now has 370 Life points
Use Power: Lemon Zinger to give myself 3 Quint, and take 300 Life Points from my avatar +3 Quint
Create Power: Whee (Miracle-Aura: Angry Grasshopper-Festival-Fire-Eclipse-Enlighten) -1 Quint
Use Power: Whee, sacrificing Glimpse and a temple in Trinidad, in order to change Angry Grasshopper’s thingy to End of Days



29-11-2005 00:13:00 UTC

Darn. I was hoping to have a large period of confusion and chaos, but if you must.


29-11-2005 00:39:09 UTC

Wait, Lemon Zinger takes 300 Life Points from your Avatar for 3 Quint, which kills it.


29-11-2005 00:58:48 UTC

nuh-uh.  My avatar had 370 LP when I used Lemon Zinger.


29-11-2005 01:01:39 UTC

Ah, I think I see the confusion; I originally had a typo stating that I used Lemon Zinger to give myself 3 quint and take 100 life points from my avatar.  I fixed that to what it should be.  Apologies.


29-11-2005 10:30:20 UTC

There is a further problem. Lemon Zinger is not a legal power since it uses City Worship for a Global Might effect.