Friday, December 19, 2008

The Secret Revealed

The contents of the rule called “Plot Twist” are as follows:

At exactly 23:58:00 on 18/12/08, each Character shall replace his Relationship with 0 minus his Relationship.

The original contents (before the change) were as follows:

At exactly 23:58:00 on 25/12/08, each Character shall replace his Relationship with 0 minus his Relationship.


Amnistar: he/him

19-12-2008 00:17:36 UTC

So, Jason dies, and Rodlen still wins.


19-12-2008 00:19:08 UTC

The original contents are validated because the md5 checksum matches (see the note on the plot summary page).

For some odd reason, I can’t get the new md5 checksum to match…


19-12-2008 00:21:31 UTC

Total is now -26.  Jason is dead.  A new metadynasty begins.


19-12-2008 00:23:48 UTC

Nope.  It is past exactly 23:58:00.  This rule, therefore, has no effect.

arthexis: he/him

19-12-2008 00:24:32 UTC

See guys? I knew it all along. However I got something wrong: I thought PP was also gonna be affected, because of that I didn’t want to make mine any higher (which in the end worked, because if I had it just 1 or 2 higher, maybe there would be no Metadynasty).

arthexis: he/him

19-12-2008 00:25:52 UTC

No Rodlen, the rule has always been in effect, we just didn’t knew what it was doing.


19-12-2008 00:26:08 UTC

Rodlen: It acted just like a regular rule that you couldn’t see.  It’s effect was still going on even though you didn’t know what it was.


19-12-2008 00:28:15 UTC

However, at the time when it would have had an effect, we were unable to replace our relationships thanks to the fact that we didn’t know what the secret rule was.  Plus, it is still an action, just one we are forced to do.  Now that we know what action we have to take, we can’t take said action.

Neither can you.

arthexis: he/him

19-12-2008 00:30:04 UTC

You can’t NOT do it, otherwise, you’d be breaking the rules.


19-12-2008 00:39:27 UTC

But you can’t do it without breaking the rules.

It is a very badly written rule.


19-12-2008 00:47:09 UTC

It just means that it is automatic.


19-12-2008 00:49:52 UTC

Nope.  If it was automatic, then the rule wouldn’t force each character to do it manually.  The rule does force each character to do it manually.


24-11-2009 15:45:38 UTC

And it makes perfect sense that this led to “the First Metadynasty of Rodlen”.

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