Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Proposal: The Unstoppable Font of Creation

Self-Kill.  Failed by Excalabur.

Adminned at 04 Nov 2005 07:19:59 UTC

Add these Power Components:-

* Eclipse - Deity must destroy one of eir Incarnation’s Powers for each use of this Power. (+8 Global Worship).

* Omen - When using this Power the Deity must make a post announcing the targets or other choices e will make at least 24 hours before every use of the Power. E must use the Power with the declared targets within 48 hours of the announcement, or any Deity may force em to use it as declared. (+5 Global Worship)

* Holy Site ((City Name)) - This Power only works in the City named. (+8 City Worship).

* Self - This Power may only target the Incarnation of the Deity using the Power, or Temples to that Incarnation. This limit applies to all choices of Incarnations and Temples for all Components in the Power. Must be combined with at least one Might Component which targets an Incarnation or Temple. (+1 Global Worship).

* Bless - A target Deity gains X Quintessence. (+15X Global Might)

* Curse - A target Deity loses X Quintessence. (+10X Global Might)

* Purify - Destroy a Power of an Incarnation. No Power using any of the Components of the destroyed Power may be created by any Deity for the next 24 hours. (+35 Global Might)

* Banish - Destroy an Incarnation and all Temples to that Incarnation. (+75 Global Might)

If any Component listed in this Proposal is disliked by *ANY* Deities as indicated with eir vote, it shall be removed from the list when this proposal is enacted.

IN ADDITION, voters may list Components currently in the ruleset they dislike, or find unbalanced. If any are disliked by *THREE* or more Deities, those Components are removed, and Powers based on those Components are removed, and their owning Deity is compensated 3 quintessence for the loss. If any are found unbalanced by *THREE* or more Deities, its Worship/Might value is refigured using the average amount suggested by those voters.



02-11-2005 19:04:32 UTC


Get rid of Banish, eeesh!


02-11-2005 19:38:38 UTC

for (self-vote to register my opinions)
dislike: Reflex (it stacks with Rage or Wrath), Volcano
unbalanced: Pantheon (+10 City Worship), Lighting (+8 City Might), Fog (+15 Global Might), Windstorm (+20 Global Might)


02-11-2005 21:33:41 UTC

dang, i liked that one, Truman.

Dislike: Reflex
Unbalanced: Phenomenon (+25 Global Worship), Universal (+3 Global Worship), Transmorphing (+10 Global Might), Lightning (+12 City Might), Fog (+20 Global Might), Windstorm (+25 Global Might).


03-11-2005 00:36:40 UTC

Unbalanced: Pantheon (+10 City Worship), Lighting (+8 City Might), Fog (+15 Global Might), Windstorm (+20 Global Might)


03-11-2005 03:25:37 UTC

awoops.  Make that ‘Phenomenon (+35 Global Worship)’. with the rest the same.

Kevan: City he/him

03-11-2005 12:01:17 UTC

for Dislike: Reflex, Phenomenon, Awe, Hinder, Fog, Windstorm.


03-11-2005 15:05:14 UTC

against Also: I don’t see what’s wrong with reflex.  It looks to me like its trigger _may_ but doesn’t always stack with the trigger for wrath/rage.  If one of your temples is destroyed by a flood, for example, you could use a power with wrath, but one with reflex is not necesarily usable, because flood targets the city, not your temple.

Dislike: Banish (in this proposal), Awe, Hinder (effects never expire)


03-11-2005 15:09:49 UTC



I don’t like the random method of editing Might in previously created Powers.  Make that a seperate proposal with definite values.


03-11-2005 15:23:02 UTC

Yes, I forgot to mention: that was my primary reason for voting   against.  I actually think most of the proposed components are good, but don’t think that things like this should be able to be done.

Unbalanced:  Lightning (+3456 City Might)

(Yes, I intend that to be a statement that I find lightning unbalanced, with suggested might cost parenthetically listed)


03-11-2005 15:46:47 UTC

TC & Hix, I know what you mean. I admit I’m fascinated by split votes - it is often a very sneaky way to push through an agenda. In this case, I’m just trying to do too much with one proposal slot.


03-11-2005 16:37:42 UTC

I find every power unbalenced, and their new Worship/Might cost should be 0, thus casing chaos and insanity in the universe.


03-11-2005 17:14:42 UTC

you should be playing Loki!


03-11-2005 18:01:40 UTC

This proposal seriously must not pass.  Anyone can swoop in at the 11th hour and drastically change what all of your “For” votes are voting for.  Especially since I will now agree with Rodney that:

Unbalanced: All components.  Suggested new worship/might costs: zero


03-11-2005 18:15:40 UTC

I don’t understand Rodney and Hix’s desire to unbalance the unbalancing.  The levels won’t hit zero due to averaging and we’ll just have a general lowering of Worship to Might across the board - making little net change. I was hoping to get player’s real opinions about the powers, sigh.

Kevan: City he/him

03-11-2005 18:24:18 UTC

against  Change of vote, not wanting to wake up and find that someone proposed infinite costs for everything. Maybe it’d be better to make a rule that gave a mechanism for affecting component costs.

And mm, disliking Reflex because the Wrathlike components all do vaguely the same thing and it’s not easy to remember which is which, it’s not particularly interesting to distinguish them. We should merge them all into one.


03-11-2005 18:30:10 UTC

I don’t think this (i.e. the voting booth for a completely different proposal about adding a few good components) is the place to get players’ opinions about unrelated rules in a way that will change them.  I would like to vote for adding Eclipse, Omen, and so on; but I cannot do so without also voting to approve the changes that any 3 people may decide to introduce _after I make my “for” vote.


03-11-2005 20:02:31 UTC

There is a possibility of someone making +1,000,000,000 worship for Sign, and then everyone jumps to make a billion temples each. However, since components are available to everyone, and a wildly abusive power does not move anyone toward a victory condition, I didn’t think people would be unreasonable with these votes.


04-11-2005 06:37:07 UTC

moreover, a victory condition that /doesn’t exist yet/.


04-11-2005 06:37:47 UTC

This briefly hit quorum, interestingly enough.


04-11-2005 06:38:00 UTC

Oh, no it didn’t.  ignore me.


04-11-2005 12:50:57 UTC



04-11-2005 14:38:54 UTC

against self-kill. I’m giving up on it.