Monday, December 15, 2008

The war continues…

11:59 PM

Jason Smith quickly rushed to get his microDRC.  He, with a few weapons, pretty much wiped out the Shade security force, and took the device, as well as a lot of flebotnum.  He then returned to the DDA/DDF, and met with Rodlen.  However, some of Shade’s goons somehow followed Jason into the DDA/DDF HQ and hid.



15-12-2008 03:35:46 UTC

This looks like a good time for the Narrator to use his power to remove seeds from the Plot Summary page.


15-12-2008 03:40:47 UTC

Or a good time for somebody to get the many goons in the DDF/DDA HQ to act…and by act, I mean do something truely evil and dangerous.


15-12-2008 04:02:11 UTC

While I hate to call “shenanigans!”, the storyline seems to have moved beyond the realm of good faith collaboration.


15-12-2008 04:04:42 UTC

It’s called the kill count problem.

If I had another plot seed avaliable, I would have the goons found, causing a massive battle that would leave many dead on both sides and Jason Smith very badly wounded.

Everything would then get worse.


15-12-2008 04:31:07 UTC

I agree with Bucky.  This is too far from the original plot line to even be believably feasible.  I’m also considering not giving Rodlen pp either mainly because this was all his fault.  Sorry, Rodlen.  Looks like you’re out of seeds for the rest of the week.


15-12-2008 04:57:24 UTC

I admit it was my fault.  I, knowing that I was pretty much doomed, chose to mess up the timeline in an attempt to save Jason Smith.


15-12-2008 05:12:02 UTC

You’re at 168 right now. That must be ahead of everyone else combined.


15-12-2008 05:15:49 UTC

But the Secret Rule is in my way.


15-12-2008 15:26:09 UTC

For all you know, you could be doing exactly the WRONG thing…


15-12-2008 20:45:06 UTC

Freedom is slavery.