Monday, October 04, 2010

Proposal: This is Nighthawk, over

Passes 11-1. —Brendan

Adminned at 04 Oct 2010 22:26:29 UTC

If the Proposal titled “Is this a secure line?” passed, revert its effects.

Create a new rule, “Communications”:

As a weekly action, an Agent who has a Codename may send a message to another Agent who has a Codename by telephoning D-Ops with the subject line “ACTION: CODENAMEA in SECTORA sending a message to CODENAMEB in SECTORB”, where CODENAMEA is their codename, SECTORA is their sector, and CODENAMEB and SECTORB are the codename and sector of the intended recipient. If this information is valid, D-Ops should forward the message to the recipient Agent. If the information pertaining to the recipient is incorrect, the message is not forwarded to the recipient Agent, but the following still applies.

When a message is sent within one Sector, there is a 5% chance that it is intercepted, and a 95% chance that nothing happens..
When a message is sent between two Sectors, there is a 10% chance that it is intercepted, a 5% chance that it is broadcast, and a 85% chance that nothing happens.
When a message is sent between East- and West-Berlin, instead there is a 20% chance that it is intercepted, a 10% chance that it is broadcast and a 70% chance that nothing happens.

If a message is intercepted, D-Ops shall also forward it to a randomly chosen Agent in SECTORA or SECTORB apart from the sender or recipient. If a message is broadcast, it has been intercepted by a local newspaper, and D-Ops shall make a post with the message in its body. Whenever a message is posted or sent to an Agent, all information in the original subject line shall be omitted.

Credit goes to Thane Q, of course.



10-04-2010 18:26:37 UTC

for Nicely done.


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Thane Q:

10-04-2010 19:28:10 UTC

for Alright, thanks for giving it a fix.


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Ienpw III:

10-04-2010 19:54:25 UTC

against because this is at D-Ops’ discretion.


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