Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This looks like as good a time as any

may i please be unidled?

man, it’s cool to see that this thing is still going.

and that the legend of anthony lives on.



16-12-2008 17:47:14 UTC

Done.  Quorum remains the same.

You know… you could’ve done it yourself, seeing as you’re an admin…


16-12-2008 19:03:47 UTC

BlogNomic will still be running long after Agora dies.


16-12-2008 19:18:44 UTC

I looked at this “Agora.” It seems to be a very long-running nomic. Anything special about it?

I think I’d prefer the Blognomic 2 month dynasties over a 5 year marathon, however. But I don’t really know how Agora operates.


16-12-2008 23:05:30 UTC

Eljefe, Agora is the longest-running nomic ever. It’s been going since 1993.

Darknight: he/him

16-12-2008 23:34:59 UTC

Has any dynasty here lasted more then 2 months? Not that a 2 month dynasty is bad, just wondering.


16-12-2008 23:48:31 UTC

i seem to recall rodney’s first dynasty lasting awhile.  at least, i remember aaron telling me he was going to win the longest dynasty ever.


17-12-2008 09:43:50 UTC

looking in the history, the first dynasty of brendan lasted from june 19 to september 6 2004.


17-12-2008 15:41:30 UTC

eljefe: wait, you aren’t aware of Agora? You aren’t the guy mentioned here, then?

Also, Agora has people winning regularly; they just don’t reset anything when it happens. At least for a while one current player was winning every month.


17-12-2008 18:32:36 UTC

No involvement with Agora.

How is it structured? As in, BN has dynasties, does Agora have a similar feature?


17-12-2008 18:58:41 UTC

No. When somebody wins, the game just keeps going. I don’t know all the details (I don’t play it myself) of Agora’s mechanics for that, but this is an approach that has been used by a number of nomics.

To my mind, the Dynasty system of BlogNomic is the thing that makes it unique and cool.

Agora, by the way, is generally known as the most pedantic and serious of nomics. Which, when you consider the field, is right impressive.