Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Proposal: Three Relics

7-3-1 Timed out

Adminned at 25 Dec 2008 19:11:19 UTC

Create a new rule with the title “Victory”.

If a citizen has three relics, he may make a Declaration of Victory. One of the relics must be the BLO relic, another must be the GNO relic and the final must be the MIC relic.

Create a sub rule of “Victory” with the title “Relics”.

There exist three relics, the BLO relic, the GNO relic and the MIC relic. Each relic may only be owned by a maximum of one citizen. Each relic may be given to any citizen at any time by the citizen who currently owns the relic. If more than one of any relic would exist at any one time, all versions of that relic are referred to as copies of that relic. If any copies of a relic exist, all copies except the newest must be removed. If multiple copies of the same relic were created at the same time, all those copies are removed, along with any other copies of that relic.

Only a faction proposal belonging to the same faction as the relic may create or change any rule regarding the relic. An exception to this is a proposal which isn’t a Faction Post and which reaches quorum from each of the three factions (BLO, GNO and MIC) in addition to reaching the Blognomic quorum. If a faction’s ruleset gives a citizen the relic belonging to that faction, this applies to all gamestates.

There exists a GNDT tracked variable called “Relics”. This will keep track of which relics each citizen owns. In this variable the BLO relic will be abbreviated to B, the GNO relic will be abbreviated to G and the MIC relic will be abbreviated to M.

In the rule “Factions” replace the text

Rules existing only in a Faction’s Ruleset have no effect outside that Faction’s Gamestate and Ruleset.


Rules existing only in a Faction’s Ruleset have no effect outside that Faction’s Gamestate and Ruleset. An exception to this is relics, as detailed in the Relics sub rule.

Each faction will need rules saying how to get each relic. Feel free to unofficially name the relics. Also it’s intentional that you can steal relics by completing the conditions necessary to create it a second time.


Amnistar: he/him

23-12-2008 00:22:36 UTC

for I think this is a neat way to win, and factiosn can s till maintain their victory conditions, because they can just reset their faction rulse.

Darknight: he/him

23-12-2008 00:34:24 UTC



23-12-2008 00:56:14 UTC

against A faction’s relic can cease to exist?

Amnistar: he/him

23-12-2008 01:03:08 UTC

not precisely Sgeo, more that it can end up with no one Posesing it, of multiple people ‘earn’ it the same time.


23-12-2008 01:08:47 UTC

We should explicitly make winning a faction give you its relic.

Also, I’d love to see it be possible for factions to attack one another and steal their relics, gaining the ability to decide with their rules who gets the relic rather than deferring to the faction it comes from. Or something. Some way to make the “vs” part of the theme real.

Still,  for


23-12-2008 01:56:05 UTC


arthexis: he/him

23-12-2008 02:18:08 UTC



23-12-2008 02:49:17 UTC



23-12-2008 04:57:20 UTC



23-12-2008 06:11:04 UTC

CoV to for , but I think there are issues that should be fixed.


23-12-2008 09:18:14 UTC



23-12-2008 17:46:18 UTC


Amnistar: he/him

23-12-2008 18:46:41 UTC

well craft a proposal and fix them then :P.


24-12-2008 14:08:51 UTC

against in favor of arth’s proposal