Saturday, November 04, 2006

Proposal: Tomes

7-0, a unanimous “unitalicize”. Reaches quorum - Elias IX

Adminned at 05 Nov 2006 17:12:20 UTC

Add a Rule “Eldritch Tomes”:

Listed under this rule are Eldritch Tomes which copies may be possessed by a Student. The Tomes copies possessed by a Student are tracked in the GNDT, under the field “Tomes”. New Students start with no Tomes, which is signaled by a “-“ in the GNDT.

A Tome may list a set of Spells that may be cast by the Student that possesses it. Each Spell may list a set of circumstances that must be true so such Spell can be cast and must list a set of consequences of casting such Spell.

A Tome may list a “(X Copies)” entry after its name, where “X” is the max number of Students that may possess copies of that Tome at a said time. If no such an entry is listed, no more than one Students may possess a copy of that Tome at a said time.

Add a Sub-Rule “Tomes” to the rule “Eldritch Tomes”:

* Tome: Unaussprechlichen Kulten (3 Copies)
** Spell: To call forth the Gods of Darkness
** Circumstances: This Spell may be cast often while the Moon and the Sun are in Conjunction,
** Consequences: The Student casting this Spell loses 1 point of Sanity. E is allowed to post, in the next 2 hours after the Casting, one extra proposal over the limits set by Rule 1.3.

If more than half of all comments containing counted votes also contain the text “Unitalicize”, unitalicize the italicized text above.

Create a GNDT field “Tomes”. Set all Students Tomes to “-“.

Note this makes no provision about how can a Student get ahold of a Tome



04-11-2006 02:40:34 UTC



04-11-2006 02:41:39 UTC

Sorry, I meant:



04-11-2006 05:28:35 UTC

for Unitalicize

I’d like to see “max number of Students that may possess copies of that Tome” become “max number of copies of that Tome that may be possessed by Students”.  That’d make it seem like there were only X copies available.

Oh, and before we have the “lice incident” all over again—I’d like to point out that (I assume) the first sentence of the proposed rule does NOT allow a Student to possess a Tome any time e so chooses.


04-11-2006 11:43:34 UTC

for Unitalicize


04-11-2006 13:13:12 UTC

for Explicit Unitalicize


04-11-2006 16:38:11 UTC

for Unitalize

Elias IX:

04-11-2006 19:39:53 UTC

for Unitalicize

And maybe we should add a “Students may possess Tomes only when a rule explicitly allows them to.”, or something with similar effect that’s worded correctly.


05-11-2006 00:58:46 UTC