Sunday, February 12, 2012

Story Post: Tour

Let’s make some music!



13-02-2012 00:44:10 UTC


The Tour was a success!

Bucky, Darknight and Kevan earn 2 Fame each, leave the band, and are assigned new styles and new other-musician-of-that-style-s.
Darknight, Josh, PBURNS and Josh join the band.

Please note that:
- the ruleset apparently allows me to assign styles in the order I like, and to choose the name you get; specifically, I could reassign a new style to the first band member, and (provided his style hasn’t changed) give him the name of any of the other two band members that I have not reassigned yet, even though their style might change immediately after
- I appear as 8 in the Active Players list in the sidebar. I assumed I should not be counted since I am not a Musician for the purpose of “A note of discord”, and so assumed number 10 was PBURNS and not omd.


13-02-2012 17:43:48 UTC

Josh was added twice to the band?

Josh: Bookie he/they

13-02-2012 18:51:58 UTC

I am just that good.