Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Story Post: Tour

It’s rock o’clock, kids.



14-02-2012 17:08:19 UTC

There are two Band Members with different styles. I couldn’t write songs for you to play, and the tour was a flop.

Please note that rule “Fame” is kinda ambiguous, because of the two “otherwise”.

“When the Frontman resolves a pending Tour, if all Musicians have the same style, then if exactly one is showing off… . Otherwise, ... . Otherwise (i.e. when two Band Members have a different style), ... .”

This Tour was falling under the third category (two band members with different styles), but I believe the ruleset would have allowed me to count it as the second category and increase everyone’s fame by C, where C is half the number of Band Members rounded up.


14-02-2012 17:14:59 UTC

Well I suppose I should include every change took place because of the Tour in a comment:

- there were two Band Members with different styles
- Josh loses 1 Fame and becomes a Hanger On
- Quorum of the Band is 2