Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Story Post: Trial: Why Brendan is an Android

Has been open for 48 hours and cannot be enacted. Failed by Brendan.
The sidebar might round, but the timestamps don’t.  Unfailed by Bucky.
Now that it’s actually been open for 48 hours and still can’t be enacted, failed by Bucky.

Adminned at 19 Feb 2015 23:58:11 UTC

I accuse Brendan of being an Android.

I have two primary pieces of evidence: This post and this post. The posts should speak for themselves, so I won’t describe the conclusions in detail. However, in general, in both situations, something bad for the humans happened, and it was likely that either Brendan or I was involved in the action. I have gone out of my way to have the least Clearance, so it seems more likely that Brendan is actively working against the Humans and should be eliminated.



18-02-2015 00:04:44 UTC

Can them both IMO.  Brendan’s earlier immunity as the Pilot no longer means much given that missions aren’t passing anyway.


18-02-2015 01:17:09 UTC

for I think there’s strong enough evidence here, and I admit that I’m getting increasingly bloodthirsty recently.


18-02-2015 01:24:45 UTC


Yes, Brendan is actually a terrible Pilot. Why do we need a Pilot anyway?

Also, this evidence is strong and the evidence against Brendan from the last Trial against him still applies while the arguments that were used to save Brendan are no longer relevant.

Darknight: he/him

18-02-2015 02:51:13 UTC



18-02-2015 03:21:07 UTC

I’m actually with Bucky for once. Anyone else?


18-02-2015 04:12:18 UTC

I’m having second thoughts about the ‘can both’ plan, because that’d very likely leave us with a 0 clearance Human and a very difficult time winning.


18-02-2015 09:58:49 UTC

Well, some incriminating Subroutine-based evidence has come in, and it’s not looking good for Brendan. Here’s my argument, based on who could possibly have done the M4RKbomb, based on visible actions and L0GS results.


19-02-2015 01:02:11 UTC


Josh: he/they

19-02-2015 07:18:47 UTC

For the record, I’m waiting to see if Brendan responds before voting.

Am I right in thinking that Darknight and ayesdeeef’s votes aren’t counted on this?


19-02-2015 17:14:42 UTC

Indeed. Voting on a Trial while Disabled is illegal. Otherwise Brendan would have been Disabled already.

Brendan: he/him

19-02-2015 20:55:45 UTC

Are we about done here?

All the “evidence” presented so far comes down to they-said/they-said. ais523 makes a case that Skju and Put are not guilty by virtue of inactivity (yet they’ve been careful to comment just enough to keep from going idle). ais then says that if that’s so, either Sylphrena or I subverted our GNDT Marks with a subroutine.

Sylphrena’s only claim to innocence is that they have a low Clearance. But Androids aren’t competing with Humans for Clearance; they’re competing only with other Androids. Once enough of us are knocked out, Team Android could run whatever Trials they chose and force the vote easily for their chosen captain. 2 is still a higher Clearance than 0.

The underlying assumption of all this data analysis is that an Android’s actions are detectable because they will behave as if gunning toward a solo victory. This is naive, and ais523 knows that, as indicated by their early comment that most games of this nature are won by a cross-faction alliance. So why do they take that as their first premise again and again?

Because the alternative is admitting that there is no faction with enough votes to convict anyone in the current gamestate, and we’re all just trying to get behind someone else for when that phaser shot goes off.

As for me, I’ve had multiple Dynasties already and am not particularly interested in running another one—as you’ve probably gathered, I don’t have the free time right now to devote the level of attention exemplified by Kevan in running this round of the game. I invented Trust/Clearance to get the rest of you to chase it, and it seems to have worked beautifully. I’ve used that time and effort to pursue other things. I’m interested in continuing to influence this game for as long as possible, but less interested in ascending than in being a key player. Take that as you will.

And if you’d rather be another key player than a failed prosecutor, PM me.


19-02-2015 21:53:21 UTC

Re: the Skju/Put thing, you’re twisting what I said. It’d take a huge number of coincidences for neither you nor Sylphrena to have been involved in Darknight’s disabling. Both Skju and Put being active and scheming together is only one of them.

Besides, even if you are scheming to help out someone else, that person isn’t me, so it’s still in my interests to see you Disabled.

Finally, Command Quorum is 4. You seem to be using “faction” in the sense of “group of people trying to win together”; I’ll substitute “conspiracy” for lack of ambiguity. There probably isn’t a conspiracy with 4 non-Disabled members. However, I doubt there are only two conspiracies involved, and it’s not unlikely for two conspiracies to team up.


19-02-2015 21:57:33 UTC

Josh, care to vote before this times out?

Josh: he/they

19-02-2015 22:21:54 UTC

I’m reading everything and having a think.

Josh: he/they

19-02-2015 22:39:06 UTC

“it’s still in my interests to see you Disabled”

Ahh, you make it so hard to be on the same side of an issue as you, ais.

That may be your interest but it really isn’t mine.

The problem I have here is that so much rests on ais’ word and testimony. I do suspect Brendan more than ais. But not by so much that this is a home run. For all ais talks about eliminating people who are threats to his personal victory, he seems to spend a lot of time going after people who have higher clearance than him, rather than actually trying to take out Sylphrena or lower his own influence. The gap between ais’ words and actions is hard to stomach and smacks of deliberate manipulation. One of the things I notice here is that ais admits that he had a M4RK in on the deciding Flush. He said it was aimed at Brendan, and he says that he’s telling the truth about his L0GS readout, but we have no evidence of this, so the whole trial on Brendan comes down to whether your trust ais or not.

Throw into the mix that Put / Skju seem to be coasting along very quietly, and if playing werewolf has taught me anything it’s that keeping a low profile and letting the more vocal players rip each other to shreds is a valid strategy. It’ll be interesting to see if the Put Down proposal gets Sabotaged.

against for now, because there is still too much dust in the air, and I feel like we’re at the stage of the game where arbitrary deaths aren’t necessarily a great thing. Looks like the Androids are trying to take Trials off the table, and the Humans have found a way to block Marks, so we have the time to think about this and do it properly.

On the subject of factions, I’ve not been in contact with anyone except for a very brief exchange with ayesdeeef. So, you know, everyone team up with me! I’m really good at being in teams, and I suspect basically everybody, so you can pander to my preconceived notions of other players really easily!


19-02-2015 23:26:51 UTC

Josh, you can rest assured that I’m brainstorming ways of taking out Sylphrena.

Simply posting a Trial against him or her wouldn’t work, though, because there’s next to no chance it would work.

Josh (or anyone else), if you want to conspire with me, send a PM and we can see if we can come to an arrangement.


19-02-2015 23:27:47 UTC

Oh, and more evidence against Brendan: finding an excuse (and not even a particularly good one) to vote AGAINST here.


19-02-2015 23:32:56 UTC

Given that it’s highly likely to (a) get a bunch of FOR votes and (b) get sabotaged, I don’t think that’s an indicator of anything other than a desire to slow the proposal queue.