Friday, November 25, 2005

Trip Report for The One Who Kills 11/25

Used Power: Glimpse (Sign-Inspire) to create a Temple in Trinidad—1 Quint
Created Power: Shake It Up (Leader-Miracle-Earthquake)—1 Quint
Used Power: Shake It Up, targeting two of Baron Samedi’s temples in Trinidad—2 Quint
Used Power: Rocket Ship of Doom (Holy Day-Eclipse-Movement-Energize), sacrificing Power: Here I Come (Festival-Sign-Presence), moving my Avatar to Trinidad, and giving it 40 Life Points.
Used Power: Smash 1 time on Baron Samedi’s last temple in Trinidad, killing his avatar
Created Power: Immanent Glimpse (Immanence-Inspire)—1 Quint
Used Power: Immanent Glimpse in Trinidad
Trinidad switches to worshipping the ADOM pantheon
Used Power: Guardian on my Temple in Trinidad to give it a Force Dome


The Lone Amigo:

25-11-2005 06:54:20 UTC

Aw, shite.