Friday, November 04, 2005

trying some abuse

I wanted to see what components I could push, so I created the Traitor Incarnation Circe, who wreaked some havoc with the greeks. Somewhat abusable was that I could use pantheon components to cheaply hurt other greeks, as well as the Reflex component which I could use in reaction to an action I performed as Mithras.



04-11-2005 18:55:48 UTC

by the way, I went with the more restrictive interpretation of the power limit discussed below - otherwise the damage to the greeks would have been A LOT worse.


04-11-2005 18:59:17 UTC

oops, I used the wrong component for transforming - it is Transmorph not Shapeshifting… ugh, I don’t want to revert everything. I’ll change the names to the components I meant, CfJ or revert as you see fit.


04-11-2005 19:02:02 UTC

I guess your actions were legal


04-11-2005 19:11:08 UTC

and, BTW, I don’t think you abused anything. You spent an awful lot of quint doing that…


04-11-2005 19:33:45 UTC

true, but now Circe is sitting there with these powers, ready to strike again for much cheaper.


04-11-2005 19:53:22 UTC



04-11-2005 20:05:11 UTC

I was planning a similar wave of terror once I got some Quint built up.  I watched everything you did as it happened, and it all seemed legal to me.  I was just hoping the whole time that no one would steal Mithras from you while you were Circe.