Friday, February 09, 2007

Proposal: Two Thumbs Up

Timed out. Passed—Clucky

Adminned at 11 Feb 2007 14:20:54 UTC

(in tribute to Siskel and Ebert)

Part 1:

Add a new Dynastic rule called “Critics”, as follows:

Up to two (2) Actors may be Critics. The GNDT will appropriately indicate which Actors, if any, are Critics. The initial Critics are Hix and “x”.  Any Critic who becomes idle ceases to be a Critic.

(end Part 1)

Part 2:

The “x” in Part 1 will be replaced by the name of the single Actor who receives the most Qualified Nominations. A Qualified Nomination consists of a comment to this Proposal that contains the commenting Actor’s final vote on this Proposal (with finality being determined as of the time that this Proposal is adminned) and that names an Actor—other than Hix, Spikebrennan, or the Actor who posted the comment—as the nominee of the Actor who posted the comment. If when this Proposal is adminned no singe Actor has received the most Qualified Nominations then Hix will select an Actor (other than Hix or Spikebrennan) to be “x”.
(end Part 2)

Part 3:

Add a new Dynastic rule called “Critical Acclaim”, as follows:

An Actor earns “Critical Acclaim” if both of the following conditions are true:

- e is not, at that time, disqualified from earning Critical Acclaim, and
- e makes a Proposal that passes, and both Critics vote “FOR” the Proposal (or cast votes that have the effect of votes FOR the Proposal).

Upon an Actor earning “Critical Acclaim”, e must select a role in eir Filmography and add the text “Critical Acclaim” to eir Filmography in reference to that role. This action is defined as earning Critical Acclaim with respect to that role. A role that has earned Critical Acclaim is defined as an Acclaimed Role, and any role that is not an Acclaimed Role is an Unacclaimed Role.  An Actor may not earn Critical Acclaim more than once with respect to a particular role.

An Actor is disqualified from earning Critical Acclaim for so long as any of the following are true:

- there are fewer than two Critics, or
- e has no Unacclaimed Roles in eir Filmography, or
- e has the Gossip Story: “Right-wing” and, simultaneously, either Critic has the Gossip Story “Left-Wing”, or
- e has the Gossip Story: “Left-wing” and, simultaneously, either Critic has the Gossip Story “Right-Wing”.

(end Part 3)




02-09-2007 20:43:46 UTC

imperial Seems good enough. But, why Hix and not X and Y? I nominate Excalabur.


02-09-2007 21:00:59 UTC

for I nominate Angry Grasshopper

Though this does seem to provoke clutter on the main page…


02-09-2007 21:55:57 UTC

Amnistar, Why it would so?


02-09-2007 22:02:15 UTC

for I nominate Chronos Phaenon (we’ve clashed so often on voting recently… no one’d EVER earn critical acclaim!)


02-09-2007 22:18:32 UTC

against Why does hix get a gaurinteed spot as a critic.  Is ther e something im missing here?

I nominate Kevan


02-09-2007 22:25:28 UTC

Well, seems like you’d apply for critical acclaim every time you acheive a role.


02-09-2007 22:30:04 UTC

Why does Hix receive an automatic criticship? Also, there is no way to become critic once they have been elected. Otherwise, it’s good, it’ll help me with my upcoming proposal.


02-09-2007 22:46:26 UTC

Amni—you don’t apply for critical acclaim; you simply get awarded it automatically if you make a Proposal that passes the requirements and you are otherwise eligible.

Others—I specified Hix because… gee… he’d be such a natural at this.

Obviously, if this Proposal passes, the identity of Critics can be changed by brute force (pass a proposal to amend the Rule).


02-09-2007 23:31:05 UTC

for I nominate Doremi


02-10-2007 00:36:52 UTC


Angry Grasshopper:

02-10-2007 04:58:12 UTC

Well, Hix is pretty critical.



02-10-2007 06:17:57 UTC

Well if hes a natural at this he should win it by popular vot, not by a gaurinteed slot.  Repropose it with 2 voted positions, 2 votes per counted vote, and 1st and second place getting it and I will vote yea.


02-10-2007 06:20:06 UTC

also, you should not be able to earn critical acclaim for a role as an extra, that maxes no sense.


02-10-2007 06:49:56 UTC

Someone ought to propose something like what ChinDoGu said, and I’ll be the one to do it!


02-10-2007 15:15:08 UTC

I agree with Chin… against


02-10-2007 17:50:21 UTC

for I nominate Kevan


02-10-2007 19:29:09 UTC

1. the part about the gossip stories needs to be removed. That makes no sense and will probably give Hix and X constant left and right wing gossip stories.
2. I strongly agree with ChinDoGu. hix should be nominated, not appointed
3.Correct the minor typo “singe” in “If when this Proposal is adminned no singe Actor”
4. Remove the possibility of Critical Acclaim for extras (Although I kind of want my role of extra in Duck and Cover to get Critical Acclaim…)


02-10-2007 22:33:34 UTC

Critical Acclaim for extras is already being addressed by a separate proposal by Viewtyjoe.  The typo is obvious and can be corrected by an admin.  Re: Hix, if you don’t like it, amend the rule by a subsequent Proposal.


02-10-2007 22:41:59 UTC

spike your saying if theres something wrong with a rule we should just pass it and ammend it.  I agree if the something is minor, I dont however consider changing hix to be a minor undertaking.

Elias IX:

02-11-2007 19:35:32 UTC

for I nominate The Doctor.


02-11-2007 19:43:48 UTC

against I’m opposed to automatic criticship for Hix too.  There’s a difference between between critical and being cranky. 

/still sobbing over Hix calling my rule about (insert unit of currency here) “silly”...


02-11-2007 19:54:07 UTC

for I like the idea.


02-11-2007 22:02:36 UTC

Chronos Phaenon: Excalabur
Amnistar: Chronos Phaenon
Hix: Chronos Phaenon
ChinDoGu: Kevan
Tiberias: Doremi
Josh: None
Angry Grasshopper: None
Snowball: None
Clucky: Kevan
Edometheus: None
Elias: The Dctor
Peacfulwarrior: None
Alethphile: None

It is a tie. I interpret the rules to say that Chronos is also a critic, because Hix voed for eim.

Angry Grasshopper:

02-11-2007 22:04:35 UTC

Who’d Amnistar vote for, again? ;P

Angry Grasshopper:

02-11-2007 22:05:02 UTC


I vote for the Doctor.


02-11-2007 22:09:08 UTC

Well.. It wasn’t a tie, but now it is…

Angry Grasshopper:

02-11-2007 22:15:22 UTC

It’s not. Count your votes again. ;)


02-11-2007 22:19:27 UTC

Doctor has 2.  Kevan has 2

That looks like a tie to me.


02-11-2007 22:21:57 UTC

It was two Kevan, and two CP. It also seems like the pass I made didn’t actually update. Odd. Anyways. Kevan still has two and the doctor still has two now, so its still CP because Hix voted for CP.