Saturday, November 25, 2006


Hey can somebody help me. i have no idea watsoever how to play this game



25-11-2006 07:31:04 UTC

Right side of the screen for the most part.  And wikipedia nomic if that doesnt make it clear what a nomic is.


26-11-2006 00:03:58 UTC

Are you asking to become a new student, or just asking about the game?

The ruleset is in three sections.  First is the core rules, which are dry, but the most important.  They cover making proposals, voting, the dynasty system, and the other basics of the game. 

The next section is the dynastic rules, which are more like the rules to a normal game.  They cover things like what kinds of stuff you can get, how you can get it, what you can do with it, and how to win. 

Last is the glossary, which is mostly for clarification.  When a rule says you can “occasionally” do something, you can check the glossary, to find out exactly how often that is. 

So the basic game is:
1.  One person is the emperor (currently referred to as the Director).  E picks a theme for the dynasty. 
2.  Everyone (according to the core rules) proposes (dynasitc) rules for a game with that theme.
3.  Everyone votes on the proposals.  (Step 2 continues during step 3.)
4.  Once some (dynasitc) rules get in place people start playing the game they describe.  (Steps 2 and 3 continue during this.)
5.  Eventually someone wins.  E becomes the emperor and all the dynastic rules are erased (but not the core rules or the glossary). 
6.  Go to step 1.