Saturday, January 24, 2009

Unofficial Hints, Part 2

This time I am gonna give out a SINGLE word on the theme to the first person that successfully cooks 3 recipes, and at least 1 of which must be a goal recipe. I’ll send this hint through PM to the winner of this challenge, so that it can be used as an upper hand in guessing. Good luck!



01-25-2009 05:29:38 UTC

I have made tasteless rice six times and the orange dish once. I think I get the hint. =)


01-25-2009 05:32:18 UTC

I think he means different recipies. anyone could make the same recipie over and over.


01-25-2009 05:37:19 UTC

I also didn’t realize I can only cook once a day.

But he just said three recipes. And its just as hard to cook a recipe the second time as it is the first.


01-25-2009 05:53:56 UTC

Just buy the ingredients 2 at a time.


01-25-2009 05:57:23 UTC

But your bowl might not be big enough.


01-25-2009 07:51:00 UTC

Clucky does not win.

He needed the 51st ingredient to make the rice.