Friday, November 18, 2005

Proposal: Useful Avatars

Passed 4-0, timed out. Enacted by smith.

Adminned at 20 Nov 2005 15:43:24 UTC

Add some components to the list in Powers:

- Immanence: This power must be used in the city where the Avatar of this Incarnation is in. (+10 City Worship, Keyword: Existential)
- Exertion: Reduce your Incarnation’s Avatar Life Points by 10X. This power must also have the Immanence component (+X City Worship. Keyword: Quintessential)

- Energize: Choose an Avatar, and give it 10X Life Points (+X Global Might)
- Attack: Choose an Avatar placed in the same city as your Incarnation’s one. That Avatar loses 10X Life Points. (+X City Might)

As usual, voters on this proposal may list any Components they feel are abusable, along with their vote. If any Component listed in this Proposal is considered abusable by *TWO* or more Deities, it shall be removed from the list when this proposal is enacted.



18-11-2005 19:32:04 UTC


The Lone Amigo:

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