Tuesday, November 29, 2005

very nearly hello

The moment that this dynasty ends, along with whatever goes on now a days to change to a new dynasty, i would like to become active, or if it would be easier to make me active now so be it…. make me active asap, or nearly as soon as you can, etc… good day sir… and i dislike actions that have to happen in the blog, the blog is for proposals, the gndt is for actions, but thats my 2cents and is how i shall be voting in the next slew of things, along with wreaking havoc and atempting to add the word afro to the ruleset… you now know my goals, i hope to help/vanquish all of yours


Angry Grasshopper:

30-11-2005 00:07:24 UTC

Do you want to participate in the culminating moments of divine madness, should the CFJ’s pass? It looks like they may.

In either case, welcome back! It should be.. very interesting to have you back with us. =D


30-11-2005 00:26:47 UTC

i want to be back, but only if i’m immedatily destroyed and don’t actually have to do anything… if my being there will lengthen the game then no… but i wan’t to be active at the very very begining so i have the chance to do all sorts of fun things, as i plan to do… and destroy you all, but later, no with deitys and cities and stuff

Angry Grasshopper:

30-11-2005 01:33:14 UTC

Alright. I’ll un-idle you when the dust settles.


30-11-2005 11:30:12 UTC

Ah, sanity, how I missed thee.


30-11-2005 22:12:22 UTC

if i am sanity then aaron must be gone


30-11-2005 23:38:57 UTC

E left a while ago, during eir Dynasty to be specific.


01-12-2005 00:11:37 UTC

E’s been living in Prague.  E’ll be returning to the US in December though, or so I hear.


01-12-2005 00:19:22 UTC

oo, excitement, maybe we could have a reunion dynasty of some sort and get everyone ever to come back… or maybe we can take control of their zombie souls!

or something….

Angry Grasshopper:

01-12-2005 01:13:19 UTC

Zombies have souls?


01-12-2005 02:05:43 UTC

no the souls are zombies, jeez… freakin pay attention