Monday, November 14, 2005

Voodoo Signs

-Creates the Voodoo Sign of Creation power (Sign-Leader-Land)
-Raises everyone’s Quintessence.
-Founds six cities using Voodoo Sign of Creation.
-Genesis used in all six cities.
-Having eleven temples, I claim the Godhead.



15-11-2005 16:42:16 UTC

You found something I missed when tightening up the power limits - it is still possible to found more than one city a day with the same incarnation. However, you can only use the Genesis power once for the same Incarnation, so I’m reverting your extra temple creations.


15-11-2005 20:13:36 UTC

oh wait… I think the wording did allow multiple temples to the same Incarnation to be created, as long as they were in different cities. You’re in the clear.