Monday, May 25, 2009

Voting events

Add a subrule to rule 2.1, with the title “Voting Events” and the following text:

If either no Contestant has ever become an Outsider, or at least 6 days have elapsed since the last time a Contestant became an Outsider, and there is no ongoing Voting Event, any Contestant may start a Voting Event by making a Story Post stating this. 24 hours after the post is created, the two Insiders with the most other Insiders Voting for them count as Nominated Contestants for the purpose of that Voting Event (all of the Insiders involved in a tie for the top-two-most-voted places become Nominated Contestants, if there is one, meaning that more than two Insiders can become Nominated). The Popularity of each of the Nominated Contestants for that Event is then calculated as follows, by starting at 0 and adding/subtracting the following modifiers:

  • +10 for each point of Fame that Contestant has;
  • +1 for each point of Looks that that Contestant has;
  • +3 for each point of Luck that that Contestant has;
  • +5 for each Insider who Supports that Contestant;
  • -12 for each Insider who is Voting for that Contestant.

The Nominated Contestant with the lowest Popularity then becomes an Outsider; if there is a tie for lowest Popularity, all Nominated Contestants involved in that tie become Outsiders. (The fact that someone may have been Nominated in one Voting Event is irrelevant for all other Voting Events.)

So in other words: the people in the bunker nominate two or more people for the general public to vote about, and the general public vote them out of the bunker.



05-25-2009 19:05:58 UTC

Not a proposal.


05-25-2009 19:14:04 UTC

Oops, I’ll “re"propose.