Saturday, March 28, 2009

Voting on Act 3

For voting on Act 3 (as per title). Who will be the most Popular? Whose actor was most well placed? Find out here!



03-28-2009 10:20:24 UTC

Best Scene: The Home Stretch
Worst Scene: Jaws…er…Teeth
(far too non-sequitur for my taste!)
Best Supporting Actor: Mary Deese


03-28-2009 10:21:47 UTC

And by Mary Deese I mean the scene ‘The Home Stretch’ that she was in ;P.


03-28-2009 11:08:53 UTC

Best Scene: The Ruins of Tokyo 5
Worst Scene: Jaws…er…Teeth


03-28-2009 11:51:38 UTC

Best scene: What’s this?
Worst scene: Jaws…er…Teeth
Best supporting actor: Thomas Gibson


03-28-2009 13:04:51 UTC

Best: People die (kirby taunt torture)

Worst: Jaws…er…Teeth

Best supporting actor: Donald Foley (in a tank)


03-28-2009 21:55:37 UTC

Best Scene: What’s this?
Worst Scene: Jaws…er…Teeth

Maybe Rodlen should be rewarded for losing popularity so efficiently.


03-29-2009 01:34:17 UTC

My scene in act 2 was meant to be a rather important and popular scene…but that failed…

So now I’m doomed.


03-29-2009 23:21:01 UTC

Best Scene: Rubble Trouble
Worst Scene: The Ruins of Tokyo 5

The scene “What’s This?” should be in the wiki.


03-30-2009 14:39:24 UTC

Best Scene: The Unknown
Worst Scene: Jaws… er… Teeth


04-01-2009 16:48:01 UTC

Best Scene: People die

Worst Scene: Jaws… er… Teeth

Best Supporting Actor: Donald Foley (same as Flu)

Worst Supporting Actor: Susan Backlinie (eaten by mecha-shark)


04-02-2009 18:30:31 UTC

I call voting to be closed.

Best Scene(s): Home Stretch (Kevan); Ruins of Tokyo 5 (Josh); What’s This (Gnauga); Tourists (allispaul); People Die (Darth Cliche); Rubble Trouble (Influenza)
Worst Scene: Jaws…er…Teeth (Rodlen)
Best Supporting Actor: Donald Foley (Qwazukee)

Thank you Influenza for working the category winners out for me…

Note: Darth Cliche’s vote for his own scene was invalid as per the Best In Show Votes rule…

Do me a favour, guys, and adjust your own Popularity?