Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Proposal: Wanted Librarian

Self-Killed. -Purplebeard

Adminned at 02 Dec 2006 02:50:46 UTC

Add the following subrule to Rule 2.11 call “Coup d’état”

Occasionally, a student may attempt to preform a Coup d’état and seize control of the role of the Librarian by making a comment to the GNDT of “Coup DICE5”.
If the result is a 1-4, the coup succeeds and the student becomes The Librarian. The current Librarian may attempt(by means of a proposal) to become the Librarian again for 7 days. E may still attempt a coup eimself.
If the result is a 5, the coup fails and the student is added to the Lost List.

Either way, after the attempt the student must make a post about in on the blog.



29-11-2006 00:27:47 UTC

against This is broken in many ways.  In addition, I think it’s too likely for a coup to succeed.  Plus, this gives the general public too little control over who is Librarian.  Plus, I’m the current Librarian and have a selfish interest in seeing it fail, even though I can stop others from couping me by repeatedly couping myself.


29-11-2006 00:27:58 UTC



29-11-2006 00:31:29 UTC

I think Clucky intended “may not attempt”, but it’s not too broken.  Repeatedly couping yourself would risk loss.


29-11-2006 00:35:50 UTC

Loss does not prevent me either from doing my duties as a Librarian or from couping myself in the future.

Speaking of which, anyone already Lost can attempt a coup at no risk!


29-11-2006 00:49:36 UTC

Oh, that I hadn’t seen.



29-11-2006 00:54:31 UTC

It’s strange how lost students can be the librarian, so that we have an empty shell of a body, a ghost, or an exile taking care of our books… You never know where they’ve been. against


29-11-2006 00:57:28 UTC


Clucky: he/him

29-11-2006 02:33:15 UTC

I guess you are right. I for some reason thought being lost was a good deal worse than it actually is. I guess this is really unfixable as well. Unless someone else has an idea of how to make the concept work.



29-11-2006 03:15:07 UTC

Require potential coupers to be elected.

Clucky: he/him

29-11-2006 03:58:07 UTC

then what is the point in staging a coup? The point of a coup is that you do not need to be elected. You just seize power.


29-11-2006 10:43:14 UTC

I think a good fix would be to extend the law of loss: lost students can’t be librarian or stage a coup.  While we’re at it, we should also update it by stopping lost people from trying to discover planets and from owning tomes (all copies they possess when they become lost are returned to the library).  Oh, and we should remove the bizarre word “go” from the rule.  Generally, when people propose a new power for students, they should consider including an extension to the loss rule in the proposal.


29-11-2006 23:57:14 UTC

I also think that 80% is too high of a success rate.  50% would be more reasonable (think of it as a soul duel, with my soul against your books)


01-12-2006 02:13:46 UTC