Thursday, March 25, 2010

Proposal: War Footing

Timed out and passed, 4-1 with 3 unresolved DEFs. Josh

Adminned at 28 Mar 2010 01:50:09 UTC

Repeal Rule 2.8 (Royal Armies).

If any Commoner owns an Invention with a Royalty Proximity Sweeper when this Proposal enacts, change the effect of the Royalty Proximity Sweeper to “This Part occasionally makes a sad bleeping sound.” Otherwise remove it from the ruleset.

Give 5 Iron, 5 Wood and 21 Coal to Keba, to reimburse his costs for being the only Commoner to have built a Sweeper prior to this proposal.



03-25-2010 15:18:09 UTC

imperial  ...?


03-25-2010 15:22:24 UTC

Just gauging public opinion - if most people are uninterested in a subgame, maybe we should just get rid of it.

And it’s a little strange to have two similar sets of mechanics that barely interact; there are Royal Armies who stem the Liberation of counties by Commoners, and there are Invaders who Occupy counties against the defence of Commoners, but the two forces entirely ignore one another.


03-25-2010 15:22:29 UTC

imperial yeah would you care to give a reason?


03-25-2010 15:23:38 UTC

for  CoV; I hadn’t noticed the first sentence of the proposal.


03-25-2010 15:30:14 UTC



03-25-2010 15:38:33 UTC

imperial I don’t mind this; if a mechanic isn’t working out, best to abandon it.


03-25-2010 17:12:54 UTC

Hm, I am the only one who likes this subgame. But if no one wants to play it… Mabye this is the easiest way to combine the Invasion and Liberating.

But against because I am not satisfied with “5 Iron, 5 Wood and 21 Coal”.

The Invention containing the sweeper has a Power Requirement, which does not become lower. (ok, I might dismantle this Invention and then the PR becomes unimportant). Also I have used the Sweeper four times. One time was useful for liberation, but I assume at least three “sweepings” should be paid back.

Additionally, I have travelled a lot (using my Wings and two times the Mobile Telescopic Legs) and I am not able to travel any more. I would like to support the French, but there is no way to do so.

Finally, my strategy used Sweepings, so the repealing is bad for me, even if I got all Resources back.

I do not know how much Resources I should gain, but more than “5 Iron, 5 Wood and 21 Coal”


PS: Liberation is still allowed and will increase your Income by ten. I know two more definitely free Counties. I would tell each Commoner, who votes against this Proposal, one of these Counties.


03-25-2010 17:27:29 UTC

I picked 5 Iron, 5 Wood and 21 Coal because once you add the 4 Iron and 5 Wood you’d get for dismantling your Sweeper, you’d be getting back the Resources you paid to create it initially. The 10 permanent Income you’ve already gained from liberating (plus any further +10 bonuses you can mop up before this enacts) seemed like a fair balance for any other expenditure you might have incurred.

I’m not sure I see why the various methods of travel on your “Kebaism” can’t be repurposed to Waging War on behalf of the French.


03-25-2010 17:44:13 UTC

Oh. I have to thought about a nice pay back amount. I am too busy right now, I will do this later.

I have already liberated this week, so there won‘t be a further +10 bonus. Of Course I will use my methods of travel for fighting now, but I can‘t do this _this_ week, because I have already travelled three times. I will not be able to help the French this week and I would, if I did not spend all my travelling possibilities to scan Counties.


03-25-2010 18:04:43 UTC

Speaking of Keba’s royalty sweeper, how come it doesn’t have gems in it’s cost?


03-25-2010 18:09:12 UTC

nevermind he fixed it now


03-25-2010 18:14:34 UTC

And its Power Requirement should actually be 30 (6 in Parts, plus 15 in Component types, plus 9 in Square-of-Parts), instead of 21 (6 in Parts plus 15 in Component types?), unless I’m missing something.


03-25-2010 18:30:10 UTC

so you have a lot of extra coal now?


03-25-2010 18:31:14 UTC

(oops, I meant keba, I thought kevan was keba) also, If this passes, there will be no way of raising one’s income?


03-25-2010 18:34:34 UTC



03-25-2010 18:37:22 UTC

Oh, damn, I thought square means “root” because of “sqrt” functions in programming languages. (sqrt means square root then)... Well, I do not know how to fix that. Revert both inventions and all actions?

To be honest, I have messed up that at all older Inventions, too. The PR has been a bit too low for some weeks. I really do not know how to fix that.

Reverting everything I did since then? Even the raids and scavenging? Or just revet my two latest invention an a Coal penalty?



03-25-2010 19:17:07 UTC


I like this subgame, but I do not want to play it alone. As my inventions will be destroyed (if the CjJ passes), I do not want to gain a pay back.


03-26-2010 05:12:11 UTC



03-26-2010 14:30:04 UTC


as my last for-vote “should not” count.


03-27-2010 08:52:45 UTC



03-27-2010 22:52:46 UTC

Hold on… now Keba gets free Resources, as he does not own the invention anymore but still gets paid. CoV against