Friday, December 19, 2008

What if…

If we are to go into a metadynasty, perhaps our first act should be to establish Rodlen as the “Adam”. The Adam functions as Emperor until each state had declared sovereignty. This gives each state a chance to set up their initial structure before becoming independent. Sovereignty votes could not be veto’ed by the Adam, and only those members of a state could participate in them.

I’d call this a compromise. Rodlen becomes Emperor Lite while the initial ruleset is being constructed. Then we unleash the dogs of war.



19-12-2008 03:15:56 UTC

against .  I wouldn’t trust Rodlen not to abuse his veto in the meantime.


19-12-2008 03:20:17 UTC



19-12-2008 03:31:25 UTC

Whoa whoa. This is not a proposal. It’s a suggestion.

Aren’t all proposals banned while CfJs and DOVs are running?