Sunday, February 21, 2021

Proposal: Wheeling and Dealing

Cannot be enacted without someone changing their vote. 2-5 against. Josh

Adminned at 23 Feb 2021 09:51:16 UTC

If the proposal here: does not pass, this proposal does nothing

Add a new dynastic rule called “Bribes” and give it the following text

An Elector (The Briber) may Offer a Bribe. To do so, they send a private message to the Doge specifying a pending voteable matter (the Subject), a positive amount of Political Power (the Offer), the name of another Elector (the Target), and a legal vote on that voteable matter indicating how they want the Target in to vote on the matter in question (the Request).

The Doge should Process Bribe offers, in the order they arrive, at their earliest convenience. To Process a Bribe they do the following as an atomic action:

1) If the Subject is no longer pending, stop processing the bribe
2) If the Briber’s Political Power is less than the Offer, stop processing the bribe
3) Reduce the Briber’s political power by the Offer
4) Send a private message to the Target, mentioning the Subject, The Offer, and the Request, but *not* the name of the Briber
5) At this point, the Bribe is considered to be Pending and the atomic action is over.

A Bribe remains Pending until the Subject is resolved. When it is resolved, if the Target’s Vote on the voteable matter matches the Offer, they gain the amount of political power equal to the Offer. Otherwise the Briber gains political power equal to the Offer.



21-02-2021 19:10:19 UTC

I’d be worried about time windows being really short (“is N hours enough for Josh to see, AND send my request to Clucky, AND have him see?”) but works for me.


21-02-2021 19:11:42 UTC

Or at least I’d be happier if Josh could process only in a small window, to make everything equally tight for everyone and hopefully reduce timezone guesswork?

Clucky: HE/HIM

21-02-2021 19:25:46 UTC

is that really a concern? worst thing that happens is the bribe doesn’t go through and you get your money back. which isn’t the end of the world


21-02-2021 19:28:59 UTC

Oh, it is not, actually. I missed the last sentence where you get refunded.

Clucky: HE/HIM

21-02-2021 19:30:47 UTC

yeah. that seemed like the simplest approach to weed out any change of vote shenanigans. but gotta pay up front, otherwise you run into issues where you don’t have enough power to pay out your bribe


21-02-2021 21:49:13 UTC


Brendan: HE/HIM

21-02-2021 22:19:12 UTC

imperial Lot of work for Josh, who just handled a very work-heavy dynasty.


21-02-2021 23:16:45 UTC

imperial per Brendan

Vovix: HE/HIM

22-02-2021 00:19:44 UTC


Clucky: HE/HIM

22-02-2021 02:06:25 UTC

all good points. I’ll cast an explicit author imperial


22-02-2021 09:41:43 UTC

against I think I want to minimise the number of secret interactions in this dynasty - a bit of secret information tracking is fine but I feel like bribes should be issued directly. One of the next steps for me is establishing in the ruleset that underhanded / immoral behaviour is expected and encouraged in this dynasty.