Thursday, December 01, 2005

Who can win?

(A= Biggest Avatar, B = Godhead, C = highest quint, D = Greatest City Pantheon, E = End of Days declared in previous age)

Angry Grasshopper - none
Rodney False Odin - E
Smith - none
Chronos - B, D, E
Excalabur - C, D
Truman Capote - D
Hix - none
The Lone Amigo - none
Cayvie - A, E

I’ve painstakingly gone through all the cities and worshippers, to find out who has a chance to win, using city pantheon.

Greek - 9 cities
Norse - 5 cities
Voodoo - 4 cities
ADOM - 2 cities
(Trinidad is contested by the greeks and ADOM, but was last Voodoo so that is how I left it)



01-12-2005 13:31:05 UTC

I’ll not declare vitory. So the race remains bewtee Excalabur and Cayvie (or whoever else achieves the conditions).


01-12-2005 13:52:27 UTC

Remember, you can pass the mantle if you don’t want to run a dynasty.


01-12-2005 15:25:00 UTC

Of course, the other interesting thing is that I came up with yet another possible reason that my DoV is illegal; I was the last Deity to change my own Prophecy.

The requirement of not being “the most recent Deity to have changed eir Prophecy” could arguably imply that, even if someone else’s prophecy get’s changed through a Power, if e did not change it emself, I’m still the most recent changer of eir own Prophecy, and therefore illegal.


01-12-2005 15:26:40 UTC

On the other hand, AG, if Chronos isn’t going to win, and the race is between me and Excalabur, do you really want to put it up for grabs?  After all, if Excalabur wins, then he gets the dynasty named after him for all eternity…

Angry Grasshopper:

01-12-2005 17:19:28 UTC

For all eternity. Yep.

I wish that the victory conditions were different, perhaps to satisfy two elements of A-D and also E, as opposed to only one from A-d and E.


01-12-2005 18:49:45 UTC

Now this is just silly.  I haven’t done anything in ages. 

Not that I’m complaining, but still.


01-12-2005 19:47:52 UTC

Yeah I wish I had done 3 out of 5 instead of 2 out of 5. oh well, play and learn…


01-12-2005 22:41:00 UTC

But this Dynasty has gone on far to long. Enligten was made for the purpose of ending the Dynasty.