Wednesday, November 02, 2005

wiki down

I was trying to view the history of the city page, when the wiki reported an error with the MySQL link. Does anyone know what happened and what it might take to fix?

Update: Problem went away by itself? Wiki now works again.



02-11-2005 23:29:13 UTC

The most recent additions to the Powers don’t seem to appear either, even though they’re on the edit page.

Angry Grasshopper:

03-11-2005 00:04:24 UTC

Refresh your cache, I have the same difficulty.


03-11-2005 03:23:57 UTC

Yeah, this is a user settings issue.  Doubleclicking ‘refresh’ will sort it, or you can disable caching in your user settings.


03-11-2005 03:59:24 UTC

That did the trick.  Thanks.


03-11-2005 05:19:31 UTC

And i’ve gotten that MySQL error a few times.  Don’t know what’s causing it..