Thursday, February 02, 2012

Proposal: You Just Haven’t Earned It Yet, Baby

Timed out and failed, 4-6. Josh

Adminned at 06 Feb 2012 01:51:16 UTC

If the rule “Harmony” exists, replace the text of that rule from and including “When the Frontman resolves a pending Harmony Attempt,” onwards with:-

When the Frontman resolves a pending Harmony Attempt:-

  • If all Band Members have the same style, the Harmony is a Success: the Frontman must increase the Harmony of each of the Band Members by one.
  • If there are two Band Members with different styles, the Harmony is a Failure: the Frontman must decrease the Harmony of the Band Member who made the Harmony Attempt by one, and must randomly select a Session Musician (if any exist) and make them a Hanger On.

In either case, the Frontman must make a comment on the pending Harmony Attempt as to which way he resolved it.

To the rule “In the Band”, add:-

A Musician’s Prestige is equal to the number of other Musicians who Respect them. If a Band Member has a higher Prestige than every other Band Member, then they are the Star. If a Band Member has the lowest (or equal lowest) Prestige of all Band Members, then they are a Session Musician.

Lessening the effects of a failed Harmony; instead of the Band being disbanded and every member having their style scrambled, they just lose one of their less popular musicians.



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02-02-2012 14:50:44 UTC

So if the harmony is a success, they could make another harmony attempt right away?


02-02-2012 14:59:42 UTC


Clucky: he/him

02-02-2012 16:50:43 UTC

against What Koen said. Things need to restart after a successful harmony attempt.

I also think the Presitge thing could use some tweaking. As far as I can tell, there is really no good way for even a quorum of band members to use this to vote someone out (if a rock clique supports themselves and a techno clique supports themselves, everyone will be tied regardless of how big the clique is)

Kevan: he/him

02-02-2012 18:26:36 UTC

[Cpt_Koen] Good point, they could, although they’d need to you choose to resolve it again. Maybe it just needs a rule against repeating band lineups for each Harmony Attempt - you either have to bring a new person in, or vote someone out…

[Clucky] Sure, everything needs tweaking, Nomic is a game of tweaking.


02-02-2012 21:22:34 UTC


Darknight: he/him

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Josh: he/they

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03-02-2012 20:14:43 UTC

against If the Harmony is a success, that’s too much info for the players of this Style.
Then any Hanger On claiming he’s also of this style would probably be told “We accept you in the Band but in return, YOU must make the next Harmony Attempt - if you don’t like our style, you’ll lose one point and we’ll kick you back out.”
And so everyone will soon know about everyone’s style.

That’s why I believe the restart is needed.
However I don’t think it’s needed in case of a failed Harmony Attempt.


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04-02-2012 14:12:50 UTC

against CoV, I might have read too fast last time.