Monday, April 06, 2015

Proposal: You Say Bulging Red Sphere

Reaches quorum and passes, 8-0. Josh

Adminned at 08 Apr 2015 16:33:27 UTC

If the proposals “Stocktaking” and “You Say Tomato” have not passed, this proposal does nothing.

Add a new rule called “Supply Chain” with the following text:

Due to a mix-up in shipping, all the Ingredients currently being supplied to the restaurant are of foreign and mysterious origin. These are the labels on the Packages currently in the restaurant’s inventory:

  • Shouting Man
  • Coy Sun
  • String Of Numbers
  • The Bee
  • Exploding Chair
  • Girl On Bicycle
  • Melted Cube
  • Blushing Fork
  • Shiny Shoes
  • Boy With Hedgehog

Each type of Ingredient corresponds to at least one Package; more than one Package may correspond to the same Ingredient. The Restaurant Manager shall maintain a private list of these correspondences, which are fixed.

The Restaurant Manager has never generated a list of Package-Ingredient Correspondences. As soon as possible, the Restaurant Manager should generate and keep a private list of correspondences between Ingredients and Packages via a randomization method of their choice, ensuring that each Ingredient matches at least one Package. They may, and should, then immediately repeal this paragraph.

If the rule “Recipes” exists, reword it as follows:

A Recipe consists of a name and a list of three to six Packages. A recipe has Valued Properties according to the sum of the values of the Valued Properties of the Ingredients to which its Packages correspond.

A Recipe only containing Ingredients with the Additional Property Vegetarian has the Additional Property Vegetarian.



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