Monday, August 01, 2005

Beta test dynasty

Hey all.  I think most of the major problems are sorted out at this point, and we can really start thinking about making this Switch happen.

Orson’s excellent idea was to have a little beta-test dynasty running along side the actual game for a while, to make sure the kinks are as ironed out as we think they are.  We can probably start that by the end of this week—- we can just copy over the core ruleset, treat it like a metadynastic interlude, and see what happens.

Anyone who wants to can join us; register for an account over there on your right, and then comment in this thread that you’d like to be an active player.  Anyone who’s an admin now, plus anyone who’s an admin in the actual game, will be adminified so you can get used to the new way of doing your duties.

If you have any questions or suggestions before we start, chime in.  :)