Saturday, May 16, 2009

Proposal: A kind of currency, proposal edition

veto of a SK-Drknight

Adminned at 16 May 2009 13:09:28 UTC

Create a new rule called “Tokens”

There exists a GNDT column called tokens. The valid values of it are 0 and any positive integer. A contestant who is “out” may not have any tokens. If a new contestant joins the game, they start with 1 token. Tokens may be spent on actions defined by subrules of this rule at any time. To spend them the contestant must create a post in blognomic stating the amount being spent and the action taken. They must then reduce their number of tokens by the specified amount. A contestant may reduce their own tokens to any legal value and increase another contestants tokens by the same amount.

Create a subrule “Immunity”

By spending X + 1 tokens, a selected contestant may not have his status changed to out for 24X hours.

Create a subrule “Welcoming back”

By spending 5 tokens, a selected contestant with a status of out may have his status changed to in.

Give everyone 1 token.



05-16-2009 11:13:52 UTC

against I’m not sure what “tokens” have to do with reality television.


05-16-2009 11:55:19 UTC

against I’d rather see actions like these tied to a popularity statistic, where players can ‘spend’ popularity to make a plea to the audience for something to happen, like they are let back in, or cannot be voted out.


05-16-2009 12:19:00 UTC

against 24X does this mean 24 times X? Also specify how more tokens can be gained.


05-16-2009 12:19:53 UTC



05-16-2009 14:17:27 UTC



05-16-2009 14:39:53 UTC

I think the rule doesn’t work… if a “contestant who is “out” may not have any tokens.” -how does an “out” contestant gain tokens in order to spend them to become “in” again?



05-16-2009 15:32:35 UTC

against This is like winning challenges in survivor which was a reality tv show.

Against for the broken, not for the idea itself.


05-16-2009 16:03:59 UTC

To answer everything in turn:
Yes, 24X means 24 times X.
Tokens would be gained in challenges but since there’s no rules for them, there isn’t rules for gaining tokens yet.
An out contestant can’t get tokens but his allies can. You can use an action on anyone, even an out contestant.


05-16-2009 17:11:32 UTC

Ah, so either of these actions can be used on someone else, creating a system of alliances.

against only because 24X does not mean 24*X.


05-16-2009 17:20:57 UTC

against  because it doesn’t seem to work as intended.


05-16-2009 17:57:36 UTC

against due to brokenness.


05-16-2009 18:24:59 UTC

against S/K


05-16-2009 18:39:17 UTC

veto self-killed