Monday, June 24, 2019

Proposal: Administrative Assistants Great and Small

Reached quorum 6 votes to 0. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 25 Jun 2019 08:36:29 UTC

If the proposal “Creatures Great and Small” has not passed, this proposal has no effect.

Create a new rule entitled “Underlings” as follows:

Each Wizard may have an Underling Type, which is tracked in the GNDT as a string which is either blank or the name of a valid creature quality from among those listed in the rule “Creature.” By default, a Wizard’s Underling Type is blank.

If the proposal “Frog Chow” has passed, add a paragraph to the rule “Underlings” as follows:

As a Weekly Action, a Wizard may set their Underling Type to any creature quality by paying Food equal to three times the absolute value of that quality’s listed Upkeep. As long as a Wizard’s Underling Type is a given quality, for that Wizard, the Upkeep of that quality is considered to be 0.



24-06-2019 20:21:43 UTC


derrick: he/him

24-06-2019 20:26:02 UTC


This interacts strangely though: right now you pay food according the cost of the existing creature, not the cost of the final creature. So this makes it cheaper for you to acquire creatures with that trait.


24-06-2019 21:36:02 UTC



25-06-2019 06:27:29 UTC

Yes, and I’m unsure of the phrase, “for that wizard”. Some ambiguity there, but I get the gist of it, and like it enough to run with it.  for

Kevan: City he/him

25-06-2019 08:02:04 UTC