Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Another breakthrough from the noodle house

Momofuku Ando has succeeded in tinkering for three (3) Tinkering Points.

Ando believes that he has created a device called “Alternator” which enables its holder, during any Skirmish in which the holder participates, to use the holder’s highest numeric statistic (determined after any applicable adjustments) as his/her Challenged Statistic.


Clucky: he/him

18-12-2007 22:38:35 UTC

Way too powerful if you ask me. Give it to a +10 guy and all of a sudden you have a force that can’t be stopped. Save us Hix. =P


18-12-2007 23:26:33 UTC

But he does have 3 device points…


21-12-2007 15:25:10 UTC

maybe it should be random, so that in x/10 times, it’s the highest stat, y/10 times it’s unaffected, and z/10 times it actually uses the holder’s lowest numeric statistic instead.