Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Proposal: Ape a Move

Self to the killed—Clucky

Adminned at 09 Aug 2007 11:14:42 UTC

The following Dance Move shall be added to the ‘Doing the Dance’ section:

Name: Ape a Move; Complexity: ?; Description: Perform the most recent move in the Dance.

Add the following subsection to that section, titled ‘Ape a Move’:

If the ‘Ape a Move’ step is called for, then the most recently performed move in the Dance will be repeated, regardless of the original monkey performing that move. If that move was ‘Ape a Move’, then the aped move shall be repeated, etc. The complexity of this move shall be the same as for the original step being repeated. If there have yet been no moves performed, or if the monkey calling for the step doesn’t have enough Dance Moves for the complexity of the repeated move, then the step shall be ignored.

Finally, another subsection shall be added to ‘Doing the Dance’, titled ‘Ignored Moves’:

If a Dance Move is skipped or ignored for any reason given in the rules, then the move shall be counted as Complexity: 1 against that monkey’s current Dance Moves, as the monkey stands around scratching eir head, trying to figure out what e was supposed to be doing.


Oracular rufio:

08-07-2007 21:18:16 UTC

You could always just repeat your own moves, so the only point of this is to repeat someone else’s last move, which I don’t see a use for.  Also, all this skipping moves and recalculating complexity at runtime is going to be hell for whoever conducts the dance.


08-07-2007 21:46:19 UTC

against for reasons specified by Oracular.

Oh, and you’ve got it set up so that “Ape a Move” apes the previous move twice.  Once from the normal course of events of doing the dance, and a second time from the subrule “Ape a Move”.


08-08-2007 10:34:41 UTC



08-08-2007 13:12:58 UTC



08-08-2007 13:36:40 UTC

against s/k. need to fix the loophole, and think of some reason to ape another monkey’s moves that’s more compelling.