Sunday, August 05, 2007

ape your moves discussion

sorry about that… got ahead of myself :) i actually hadn’t intended to publish it until i’m a monkey, and thought that hitting ‘quick save’ would make it a draft, particularly since it didn’t show up on the front page after doing that. i’m trying to get more familiar with things, and i’ll assume that i should just save a local copy until i’m ready to propose something.

nonetheless, i’m hoping for a little more constructive criticism, if anyone is able to help. i think that ‘ape your move’ is a valid move for this genre, because a) it references (and puns) monkeys, b) it references dancing, and c) it’s recursive programming. sort of. perhaps i just have the wrong implementation for something like this?




08-06-2007 23:08:13 UTC

I think the idea is fine, although the wording is a bit clunky.